Saturday, January 2, 2016

Shadow Shots

Feels good starting of the New Year, of course I know we are only on the second day, but I'm thinking positive here. Hopefully all is well with everyone, meaning safe return from any if any Holiday celebrations and hangovers are now gone. That said let's look at some Saturday Shadow Shots.

leading off with a horizontal piece.  I really don't know what to make of shadow. On one end it favors a pelican (at the least the head- right side). Then again it could be one of those pocket knifes with a dozen different blades/tools. I'll leave this one up to you folks.

The familiar cat.

I'm reaching here. A horse galloping with something in its mouth.

I have no words for this very odd shaped shadow.

A bird flying overhead looking for food. You know those big black vulture like birds typically found near a landfill.


  1. 1. vizquel = a break dancing anteater
    2. higuera = velociraptor
    3. morgan = hulk running towards me
    4. beatty = a flower
    5. burke = pterodactyl