Thursday, January 30, 2014

New BLOG schedule

Hey folks, trying to get organized with the posting. Here is what I plan to be posting (Titles and subject material). Starting with Friday as tomorrow will be the first based on the schedule.

Fridays: Franken-Pages. I will post 3 pages starting with page 1 each Friday until I get through them all, whether completed or not with commentary.

Saturdays: Shadow Shots. I will post 9-18 cards, trying to make them interesting in someway shape or form, get the pun, shape & form. Okay, at least I made my self smile. I'm not talking about the pefect shadow here (like the most recent one posted by Nick (dimebox). No, I'm talking about shadows that resemble something else with the occasional  silhouette shadow.

Sundays: Shout outs! I will post about trades made and cards received from Thursday through Saturday.

Mondays: Mini-Collections. This will be about some of the side collections that I DO NOT PURSUE, but set these cards aside when I get them via contests, auction wins, and of course and primarily in purchases of packs and boxes. (the Shadow Shots by far have enough for their own posts). I am figuring 9-18 cards again here total.

Tuesdays: Trading for NOW. This will be a post of what I SUPER Want (hard push) to get a trade for done that week, usually base cards for the Braves team sets that are near done or hardly started if at all. Likewise the Binder 1 needs will also show up here.

Wednesdays: Wacky Wednesday. A post about goofy cards or other pieces of cardboard that I find lets say interesting.....

Thursdays: Trade Posts.  Similar to Sunday Shout outs, but for cards received Monday through Wednesday. The idea behind the two weekly posts is so that there aren't stacks/piles of cards laying around waiting to scan and post, and I wouldn't want to forget anyone. Not to mention gets it done NOW. I like the idea of it.

So that is what I plan for this blog. I will still be posting it up with the random posts like contests.

Speaking of which the comment contest is ending tomorrow at midnight EST, and the results are far less than I had expected. At least zero comments the last 6 days. Remember to hit up the old posts from 1-18 to present (1 per person per post). Points given range from 1-11 this blog and the Trading Elway blog (link in the sidebar).  curently we have 2 people with 33 points and 1 with 28 for the top 3 spots, rounding it out are a 15, 7, 6,6,6,6. Glad there were 4 of those.

Here are those PRIZE cards again:

Carter, Doerr, and Banks

Feller, Kaline, and Seaver

Class 1, 2, and 3

Top points chooses, then #2, and #3 gets the remaining trio.


  1. Good luck with the schedule! I know I have a backlog of trades waiting to be scanned so maybe I should consider something similar! Actually, I know that I'd last about three days before the schedule was totally broken...

  2. I dig the daily alliteration! :) I coincidentally recently decided to try to do "Trade Bait Tuesdays" to work up some trades.

  3. You're a better man than I if you can keep that schedule. Hell, you're a better man if you can post with anything like regularity...