Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trade with Chavez Ravining

I got cards today from my very first trade (of hopefully many) with Alex (chavez ravining). In return I sent him some vintage Dodgers and a few from his want list. I hope the vintage is fair enough for these cards that are awesome he sent me.

My first Chrome 72, and my first red parallel for the flagship

My first xfractors Topps and a Bowman Chrome (I'm not 100% sure they are as they would be my first)

My first purple refractor and another xfractor

I really dig that Upton insert from 2013 Topps Chrome, and that Kimbrel ain't too shabby either!

Alex sent me some Chipper goodness too!

Nice Aaron, I did have that one already, but can you really go wrong having a double A & G of the Hammer? Another nice mini, and I needed that Lopez too.

A few more hits for my binders too.

I certainly enjoyed these cards today, now to put them in their new homes.


  1. Replies
    1. I def. did, I hope the ones I sent you are sufficient, plmk. And I still want the rest of those Braves, doesn't mean too much if they are listed on my wants page. Pretty much that started out listing just vintage flagship Topps, adding stuff as I go. More of a guideline, to prevent 100 dupes of the so called junk, lol.

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