Friday, January 31, 2014

Franken Friday

Let's see how this "schedule" things goes.  Tonight I am beginning the Franken-Pages, but first I would like to explain my Franken-Set.  It is 100% Braves that are "extras" from Binders 1-12, thus appropriately making the Franken-Set Binder #13. Just to be clear, that means for a card to be in this set, it must not be able to go into one of the other binders. Once a card is placed there it is permanent, no swapping out. Once near completion I should be able to start another one, but will not duplicate a card spot from the first Franken-Set if possible. Obviously, there are several pages, but not too many with cards from the same set as I had a ton of cards to use to start it.

Page 1: 9/9

I was very fortunate to be able to start this set with none other than a Hank Aaron card #1. 4 Chipper's, 2 Maddux, a Glavine, and an Andruw. Three cards are form the same HoloGrfx set, but it was a start.

Page 2: 9/9

Alas, no same sets! Chipper again rules the page, but splits it with Jordan. Some nice sets here.

Page 3: 9/9

Again, no repeat sets! This seems really weird but there are 5 decades covered on this page. Another first no repeat players. That Maddux is a red paralell. I only had one of the base gold cards, but had 2 of the red and zero of the bronze.

That is all for tonight's edition back next Friday with the next 3 pages. Also a reminder tonight is the last night for the comment contest. Currently have a 3 way tie with 39 points. Remember after commenting here, go back to all of the posts from January 18th to this one and hit up the ones you missed before. BREAK THE TIE, PLEASE. Current 4th place is HOT on the trail with 33 points.

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  1. Great Braves. I might have to put together a franken-set of my own.