Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally, the end of Binder 1!

Tonight is the last backlogged edition of Binder 1. We run through 2010 through 2013, and that is it minus the new additions as they come in, which is so much easier and gives me something to write about. But, we will probably wait until we get some 2014 established.

Here we go 2010 first year Braves cards:

I still need to re-position these cards, but I "believe" I have them all. I like the heritage cards, but that Red Hot Rookies card is sweet. Looks a lot better in hand, I'm telling ya.

2011 I need Cristhian Martinez (any company), and a Dan Uggla Topps Heritage #367. (if they are in an Atlanta uniform).

 The red parallel i snice.

2012 & 2013 Should be complete. I wonder who & what will be my first 2014 Brave...............

That Pastornicky looks so much better than the Simmons and Drury cards. By far my favorite for 2012 Binder 1.


That's all folks. Ahhh!!


  1. I love those Red Hot rookie cards! What's up with the look on Juan Francisco's face on that Heritage card?

  2. Why is it that Braves cards always look good no matter who your favorite team is?

    John - could you shoot me a quick email so I can get your email address?
    Thanks man!

  3. How am I missing that George Sherrill from my throwback binder? Oh yeah - cuz it's Update. :(