Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cards from a blogger

Well, Marcus from (backstopcards) sent me a few Braves wrapped up in 2 PWEs that I received today. Let us take a peek at them

First to bat are a couple of 1993 hits for my Franken-Binder. None other than the recent HOFer status of Mr. Greg Maddux.

Batting second is a 2013 Topps mini sticker of Kris Medlen (below).
 A couple more Maddux for my Donruss Binder.

And batting clean up are a few oddballs with 2 being another Brave worthy of the Hall, but..... Mr. Dale Murphy, and possible future Hofer Avery.

Marcus brings a couple Simmons cards to the plate along with another 1993 hit for my Score binder.

And to highlight the packages were these GOLDEN hits (and also 86 Leaf)

Thanks again for the Braves Marcus!


  1. Glad you liked 'em! Not a bad time to be getting Maddux cards, huh?

  2. That mesh back cap on Murphy's head always makes me smile. Rarely see any of those mesh back caps on cards.