Monday, January 6, 2014

CRAZY! We now return to our regularly scheduled post.

To start things off, I do feel for you folks braving the winter storm. It has been another crazy day or two here for sure. yesterday (Sunday) was blue skies no wind 73 degrees, low for the night 62 absolutely perfect weather. However, by the time this night (Monday) ends we will be in the teens with the windchill, hard freeze in the low 20s. My goodness this is Florida. Crazy I tell you. Which leads me to the 90's from Binder one. We won't be showing all of the 90s today though. Just too many. With any luck I will have binder 1 scanned and posted by months end, then on to binder 3 (really nice Topps flagship with a few vintage Bowmans thrown in).

Here we have 1990, showing Topps, Donruss, Classic, Topps Debut, Fleer and Fleer Update just on page 1, then some Bowman and Score on pages 2, lastly we add an Upper Deck and a couple of Score Traded on page 3.

I still need a 1990 Topps Traded Joe Hesketh #40T to finish this year up! (need 3 of them)

1991 leads off with Score, Score Traded Upper Deck, Bowman, Fleer, and Fleer Update followed up with some Topps and Donruss on page 2. Finishing up with an Ultra on page 3.  (ps: I forgot to crop these, sorry)

The 1992 starts out with an excellent mix of brands on page 1. Topps, Ultra, Fleer, Upper Deck, and Stadium Club. Page 2 shows us a couple 1992 Bowman (nice cards). In fact I do have the Bowman Jerry Williard, but I hace some research do with that card when I get around to it.

I do need the 1992 Bowman Napoleon Robinson #34 and the Vince Moore #443 to finish up. (3 each)

1993 missing a few Bowman #2 Hector Roa, #30 Mike Hostetler, and #58 Donnie Elliot (need 3 each)

(this will be the end of 90's part 1)
I need a few cards here from Bowman #433 Dye, #545 Jason Green, #641 clontz, and #665 Catlett. I also need a Topps Traded Shumate #13T.

Later I will finish off the 90's, and forewarning I only have 1 (one) 1995!  LOL