Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The 50 + Pack Ebay win

A few weeks ago I posted about an Ebay win of 50+ unopened packs.  I won them for $9.99, however shipping was $15.25. I figured they’d be coming in a medium flat rate box, they did not. They just came Tuesday.  But here is what was inside (in the order that I opened them):

One 2005 Tristar .99 pack 5 cards

Nothing much inside certainly no Honus Wagner! I did pull an insert from 2001 Fleer Diamond Tribute Jeff Bagwell #20 of 30DT along with a 1982 Donruss Lenny Randle #307, 1984 Donruss Dave Henderson #557 (another 42 card), a 1986 Topps Teddy Higuera #347, and a 1997 Pinnacle Certified Edgar Martinez #84.

Two packs of 2006 Ultra 5 cards each:
Golds :  Vizquel,  Stemle.   Inserts:  Helton,  Johnson.   Base: Lucky 13 Verlander,  Glavine,  Colon,  Mauer,  L. Gonzalez,  Edmonds.

Not starting out so well.

One rack pack of 2007 Upper Deck series 1 & 2 combo 32 cards.
Inserts:  Helton  Triple Play, Sizemore Triple Play. Some of these cards are really cool.

I like the Gordon fist pump (another mini of mine), nice Armas card with the bat in the bag shot, and of course that's a great shot of the Rangers Michael Young card. 

One fat pack of 2009 Upper Deck series two  16 cards.
Insert:  Silver common Star Quest  Jay Bruce (no scan)

5 packs of 2005 Upper Deck First Pitch (.99 5 card packs)
A Thomas,  Jr,  cool Cabrera card ("PLAYN DIRTY" another future regular post and mini of mine), check that hat on Furtunato, and a throwback.

Now for what I hope will be the good stuff..... Topps products. 
Up first is One 2007 Topps 52 6 card pack

Pulled a Dynanmic Duo Maybin/Miller #DD13  (no scan)

Two .99 10 card packs of 2005 Topps Total

My first Braves card, yeah. The Clemens is an insert of some kind its shiny and he’s at the plate bunting. The Pujols made the scan because he had the highest rating (9).

Maybe this deal is turning around....

One 2005 Topps series 1 pack 12 cards
Five packs of 2005 Topps Opening Day 6 cards each. Nothing worthy of scanning :(

4 packs of 2006 Topps series 1 six cards each, 9 packs of series 2 six cards each, and 1 combo rack pack.

Series 1 packs netted another Andruw Jones Braves card, a Mantle insert HR 1, Bonds insert Hr 684 (ha), Ichiro, and a Jeter albeit he was paired with Arod.

Series 2 netted another Mantle HR 87, the Constitution George Washington insert, 2 more Braves Sosa and Hampton, a Jr and Vlad.

Fat pack combo netted 2 more Braves, Smoltz and Betemit.

Eight 2007 Topps Series 1 packs 6 cards each , a fat pack 22 cards, and a series 2 rack pack 22 cards.

The break down is as follows (what came from what).

Fat pack: rcs ethier, bj upton, and uggla
Series 2 rack:  Hanley Ramirez, Andruw Jones World Domination insert #WD10, and a nice run down card (classic combo) with Casey, Polanco, and Pujols.
Series 1:
Pack 1- cool Montero rc, Mantle HR insert #276,
Pack 2- Yogi Berra Distinguished Service insert #DS2
Pack 3- Josh Gibson 680 HR History insert #JG86
Pack 4- David Ortiz Own the Game insert #OTG2
Pack 5- nice Greg Maddux Padres card, insert is Generation Now Mike Napoli #GN111
Pack 6- Generation Now Ryan Howard #GN16
Pack 7- Generation Now David Wright #GN150, and a Smoltz Gold parallel #d 458/2007
Pack 8- no insert dangit, a nice Verlander though.

Two packs of 2008 Topps Series 1 ten card each
Inserts  Mantle  reprint, Own the Game Adam Dunn and a Vlad, Future Star Kazuo Uzuki
No scan

2009 Topps Series 2 Blaster box 10 packs 8 cards each and a Commemorative patch, and 2 individual packs of series two 12 cards each.

Patch: Mickey Mantle 1960 All Star Game at Yankee Stadium

Series 2: Braves card Escobar, Inserts from just the 2 packs of series 2:
Turkey Red Michael Young, ToppsTown Granderson and Ortiz, Legends of the Game Jimmie Foxx, and Career Best Legends Christy Mathewson.  Talk about a nice 3 packs (counting the patch pack)

Series 2 Blaster Packs

Pack 1- Kawakami RC, toppstown Manny
Pack 2- Turkey Red Pujols, toppstown Granderson
Pack 3- toppstown rollins, and neat card of Torii Hunter
Pack 4- Turkey Red Helton, toppstown Carlos Lee
Pack 5- Career Best Legends Tris Speaker, toppstown GOLD Fukudome (that name kills me),  Braves Garrett Anderson, and a nice “black eyed” Lannan rc (great pack!)
Pack 6- Baseball Classic Series Rios, toppstown Mclouth, Braves Lowe
Pack 7- toppstown double Ortiz,
Pack 8- Turkey Red Rogers Hornsby, toppstown Helton
Pack 9- Career Best Legends Rogers Hornsby, toppstown Utley
Pack 10- toppstown Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Well thanks to the 2009 Topps I got my $10.00 worth, the shipping on the other hand iffy.
But it was fun to open all of those packs!!!!

Favorite of all 54 packs, duh the Mantle Patch, and it's not even a KEEPER.

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  1. Some cool stuff there. Added you to my blog list. Lets trade sometime too.