Friday, January 10, 2014

Finishing off the 90s

Welcome back, here are the 1997-99 scans that I have in my Binder 1 (First Year Braves cards including veterans). I am missing many cards from these 3 years, so if anyone can help a fella out, it's appreciated.

1997 is predominantly Bowman as this is the year they went off of their rockers and started producing as many cards as the rest put together. Or at least it seems that way.

I need from Bowman #s 131 Simon, 212 Chen, and # 436 Cameron.

1998 offers up more variety (first page is made up from 7 different sets, I like that). I need a Pinnacle #125 Colbrunn, and a Bowman #317 Luis Rivera.

5 different sets for page 2 of 1998.

Not one single Topps in the 1997 or 1998 group, but 1999 brings us a few for the binder.

Got to love that Throwback!

As you can tell I still need some 1999s. Here is what I need. Fleer Update #U25 Speier, #U115 Winklesas, and #U86 Ebert,  Skybox Premium #224 Matos, and Bowman #s 364 Furcal, #365 Giles, and #402 Quevedo.

Next up will be the 2000 year with 5 different sets, 6 cards, and 7 players.

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