Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Millenium cards

I have broken the Millennium decade down so that we are not loading too many pics. This is where I need a whole bunch of Braves. Any help greatly appreciated. I have lots to trade.

For year 2000 I need the following players wearing an Atlanta Braves uniform. Don't care what card company either, just a 2000 card. Blaine Boyer, Brignac, Bryan Digby, Nick Green, Aaron Herr, Patrick Manning, Sobkowiak, Scott Thorman, Wainwright, and Travis Wilson.

2001 is eat up with flagship Topps (1/3).

For the year 2001, I need the following players in Atlanta uniforms: Wilson Betemit and Terry Muholland.

2002 serves up a lot of variety, I like that for Binder 1. The Eniis and Hodges cards below are really sweet. Hodges is #d 81/100.

I need the following players issued on 2002 cardboard wearing Atlanta uniforms: Joey Dawley, Jeff Francoeur, Kevin Gryboski, Adam LaRoche, Matt Merricks, Charlie Morton, Andy Pratt, Ralph Roberts, and Steve Russell.

Not sure which one I like the best above, the McCann or Salty. The Roat card is pretty neat too, don't know if he is hand over heart for the pledge or if it was something else as the look on his face is more of a "my bad" look.
I do need the following 2003 cardboard: Matt Harrison, Michael Hessman, Ardley Jansen, Jamie Romak, Jake Stevens, and Kazuhiro Takeoka.

I think this is the cut off for this morning. I will be promoting a contest of some sort for February or as soon as the Binder 1 posts are DONE.

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