Friday, January 3, 2014

Binder 1: The 80s

Here we go folks, a little more variety starting with 1982.
1980 complete

1981: missing  1 Ramirez Topps #192

1982 brings us a Donruss into the mix with the Sinatro card. Missing the triple RC Topps #502 (also noting that I haven't been able to find a Braves team card by any card company from 1982 until 1987 and that is just a leaders card). Won't be another one in this binder again until 2001, Wow!

I plugged a temporary Bedrosian and a Butler in above, and I don't have a temporary Owen. It is sad there is only 4 "new" first cards for 82.

1983 missing 1:  Donruss Carlos Diaz #562. Fleer makes an appearance on the second page

1984 has a few more Donruss even more so than Topps, and lets face it they look better too.
Missing 2: Topps Traded #85T Oberkfell and #120T Trevino.

1985 and 1986 both complete

1987 gives us three card companies. Fleer, Score and Topps. The Nettle here should be facing the other way, sorry.
Missing Topps Traded #85T Nettles and #105T Roenicke.

1988 has 4 card companies. I have the Chuck Tanner Traded cards as well, but forgot to flip the page.

The 1988 & 1989 are complete less the elusive booger 1988 Fleer Update #74 of John Smoltz which I have never run across one. For all I know it could be a Tigers card.

Closing out tonight with the 1989 which are mainly the Upper Deck variety for obvious reasons, and reminding all that the 1990 alone is comprised with cards from 11 different sets (counting the traded sets)..

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  1. Those are like some softball beer league spring training uniforms in the mid 80s.