Friday, January 24, 2014

Trade with Play at the Plate

Recently I contacted Rob at (play at the plate) who collects Rangers, we made a deal and off went a box of Rangers. In return I got a box full of Braves. There are so many that I only scanned 13. What's important is where the cards hit my 13 Braves binders. Here is that breakdown:

Highest priority Binder 1 (20 hits), thank you much and my favorite was in this bunch too! Take a peek

Yes, that is my favorite. I've needed 3 wanted 4 of these since I started these binders last August. This card had eluded me, not anymore I have at least one. I still think that is so funny how Topps UER the card using 2 different Larry Owen pictures. The better being above Bedrosian's name. LOL. I still do not have any other Larry Owen's Braves card either, I wonder if there is anymore. Probably not....

Binder 2: (parallels binder 1 but for my brother Jack). Also had 20 hits (although the actual Binder now resides is Georgia, I am still filling the gaps for Jack).

Binder 3: Topps flagship team sets: 36 hits

Binder 4: Other Topps team sets: 19 hits

and these Heritage too!

Binder 5: Inserts: 16 hits

Binder 6: Donruss: 19 hits including my 2nd favorite of the box. Take a peek

Notice something different? The purple band.... I didn't know these existed. All of the others that I have are blue. I'm not sure why this is, but research is definitely in order unless someone has the answer for me. So I still need the mad hungarian with the blue border, but I guess I have a new set to procure. LOL

Binder 7: Bowman: 5 hits

Binder 8: Fleer: 25 hits

Binder 9: Score/Pinnacle: 27 hits

Binder 10: Pacific (and odd sets): 3 hits

Binder 11: Upper Deck: 30 hits

Binder 12: Vintage: zero

and lastly the Frankenset Binder 13: 54 hits.

Now I still need to update the Braves want page tonight, but I haveput a huge dent in the 801's and 90s flagshipSSSS for sure.

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