Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Millennium part Two

We'll be done with Binder 1 before you know it.

2004 is made up from 9 different sets, nice. So let's begin. I do need cards of the following players, again any card company, just the year and an Atlanta uniform is what matters.

Paul Bacot, Eric Campbell, Roman Colon, Kyle Davies, JC Holt, Onil Joseph, Wesley Letson, Sam McConnell, James Parr, Brayan Pena, Peter Pope, Van Pope, Chris Reitsma, Charles Thomas, Chris Waters, and John Wiggins. Now that is a lot to be missing, especially noting most of these guys never made a big league appearance, but the card companies put them in an Atlanta uniform or marked the card Atlanta so I need them.

For 2005 (below) we have these:

I like the Mondesi card a lot, it was taken at Spring training as you can tell, but still different and cool.

I need these 2005 issue players:
Cole Armstrong, Kevin Barry, Luis Hernandez, Chuck James, Bill McCarthy, Davis Romero, and Chris Vines.
I will put some more up tonight after work.

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  1. That 05 Bowman Hudson is the same shot (basically) as Topps 05 release. What's with the windup photo in the middle of the stands?