Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tony Gwynn, or what's left of him

Now don't go getting your tidy whities all dirty. I'm only talking about the unique Gwynn cards that I left for trade. LOL.  It has dwindled down over 2013 actually since July of last year! When I started trading in groups, here through this blog, and on Beckett. There are just 91 base (or so, I'm sure I missed a couple here and there) different cards of Tony Gwynn with several that have dupes (not scanned). Here are the scans in no particular order.

I spy a doughnut for my PC on that Colla Collection card.

Holy Smoley that 6 player Sportflics is showing the Guerrero. I was hoping it would have shown the Gwynn. That 90 Fleer is going into my "Playn Dirty" collection.

I don't think that Tony agreed with the call on that 96 E-XL card. I do think that I will pull that 93 Select and put it in my "Causing a Stir" collection. Its pretty cool!

That Stadium Club is going into the PC too!

Definitely pulling that 88 Fleer too (with Raines), putting it with my 9/16 cards.

I was always a fan of Ovation, more so the first year than any. That reminds me, I never pulled any cards from my PC Ovation sets. HMM, these must be dupes (above and below). That good.

And card #91 all by its' lonesome.


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  2. I'd be interested in all the Pacific cards! Email me if they are still available (not just Gwynns, I'm interested in almost all things Pacific)!

    1. I have a handful or two of Pacific cards. I was always fond of them my self. I'm sure I have Revolution, Paramount, Prizm, Crown collection, and I'm sure there's more.