Sunday, January 26, 2014

My daughter WOW'd me. Plus a trade with Playing with my cards

Good morning. I spent all day/night yesterday busting 3 boxes worth of cards.They were/are football cards that my daughter picked up at get this a Thift Store in Tampa this past Tuesday. She actually got 6 boxes worth of cards, I got half her boyfriend got the other half. Its nice to know they think about you.

*******The Beckett price guide used below is from 2009******* 

Anyways the cards all unopened wax packs, of yes not the high end variety but still can you imagine the fun in busting these packs. Not to mention two of the "sets" had potential "hits"  of  $200, $250, $300 (or at least I thought, but I was wrong on that $300 one). A lot of $8-10.00 cards were there as well, not to mention Barry Sanders rookies, Deion Sanders rookies, Troy Aikman rookies, etc.... It was fun. Here are scans of the wax packs that I busted:

First up was 1989 Pro Set she gave me 3 packs, Kevin 3 packs and she opened 1.

These (7 packs total) are from Series 2.
Series one makes up the first 440 cards while series 2 makes up the last 100 cards.  Total set value $25.00, series 2 value $20.00.

There are 4 errors in series 2 that carry some value: Three cards would be worth $40.00 each if you catch the right variation, and 1 Gizmo Williams UER RC at $10.00. The Aikman RC $6, Barry Sanders RC $8, Deion Sanders and Derrick Thomas RC's $1.50 each,  and Sterling Sharpe and Rison Rc's $1 each.

As mentioned above I already opened all of my packs, Kevin and my daughter will be opening his in about a month when he moves down to Tampa, Florida from New York.

14 cards each pack x3. 42 cards potential to hit something out of the 100 cards. Good Chance for me (they still have to open theirs too same odds). Well, I didn't hit $40 cards or even the $10, but I did hit all of the others mentioned above.

Next packs (my share) 1/2 box + of 1990 Pro Set Series 1:

1990 Pro Set is comprised of 3 sets: Series One 377 cards, Series Two 392 cards, and Final Edition of 32 cards. Total set value $25, 1 & 2 $10 each.

Potential Series 1 hits are: $250 Fred Marion variation, $200 Lud Denny card, $8 Hinton ERR, $10 Haley ERR, $8 & $10 Art Shell variations, $5 Ditka variation, $3 Dickerson ERR, Marino, Elway, B.Sanders base cards $1.50 each. Until this morning just a little while go in fact,  I didn't Know if the Fred Marion I pulled was the biggie or not. Sadly it wasn't. I didn't have any of "those" hits other than the Marino, Sanders, and Elway base cards. I did pull some for personal collections of mine and some for a few traders I know.

On to Series 2: I got a box, Kevin gets a box.

Potential hits: $10 variations of Moore, $5 Emmitt RC (I got it x2), $10 Jarvis variation (got 4 of these), $10 D. Hampton variation, and there are several $1.50 cards.

Now for the last set of cards: 1990 Score Series One (a box and half), no potential "hits" but definitely a lot of packs to open to get cards for some of my PCs.

I got all but 32 cards from the set, most 2-4 time each. Pretty cool when you consider that my daughter paid a whopping $15.00 for all. (My cards and Kevins). Who wouldn't pass that up. To think she found these in a thrift store too.

My daughter brought me my cards yesterday and like I said, I spent the entire afternoon and evening opening them. I sorted the Score, have yet to do the 1990 Pro Set. But I also got a PWE yesterday from Ethan from "playing with my cards".  Ethan hit the following cards for my PC.

That 2008 Glavine is the ATL version, my very first. The Hometown Heroes is just my 2nd of that set.

Ethan also hit Binder 2 (my brothers) with 1 card from 2001 Topps flagship.

Thanks Ethan, keep them PWEs rolling LOL.

Also sending thanks out to my daughter Christy for her tremendous gift of  #1 her visit, #2 the cardboard and to top it off #3 she took me to lunch too.

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