Monday, January 20, 2014

Here's your SIGN(ings)

LOL. Anyways, I thought I put a few cards up with the boys signing "STUFF".

It's hard to call a favorite above. You have a pennant, a glove, and a hat.

Bob, I'll take door #2. That seat cushion (or first aid kit???) in pic 1 is uncommon for cardboard, but not as much as the "SIGN". I wonder how many autos that guy has on the back of that.

How bout some Gwynn jerseys?

Might as well throw in a Ryno jersey too. Looks like all kinds of goodies to sign waiting.

Let's do some bats.

We will finish up tonight with "What did they sign?"

No clue.

Still no clue, but you gotta appreciate the little tykes. Hey one of those kids could be a fellow blogger today, after all it has been 20+ years.

Nice shiny parallel, but again the photog missed the"item", at least we can see the pen. It is mightier than a sword you know.

Now this one, well the item is there but hidden behind all those bats. Great shot of the Will Clark tee shirt, eye black and all.

Tomorrow I'll put my balls on the table, I mean in the post.


  1. I've often thought about writing a post that shows all the different items players are shown signing on cardboard, much like this one.

    I'm not a big fan of his, but that '93 UD Juan Gonzalez is one of my personal favorite "autograph" shots because of the little tykes.

  2. I wonder how Jeff Baker managed not to roll his eyes while signing something that pretends that this (any) is the Cubs year...