Tuesday, March 19, 2024

TRADE NIGHT: Minnesota Twins

 Feels pretty good knowing I am nearly done with all of the teams.  Let's get right at it.

R.J. I know you've been waiting on this night. Hope you've been hoarding your Braves, lol. Set build needs work just fine too!


  1. RJ isn't the only one! Those Bruno, Laudner and Hatchers look great. Same with the Kepler Leather & Lumber and the Mientkiewicz.

    1. You are spot on with that Crocodile! I'm sure there are other Twins fans out there that we don't hear from. Go Twins!

  2. Are the Sano's and Ben Tootle still up for grabs?

  3. Oh man... that Cordova was a pretty sweet hit back in 1995. I opened some packs of that stuff... and pulled the Ruben Rivera (which also a nice hit at the time).

  4. I'm trying to find cards you want. I have quite a few Braves cards, but most of them you already have. I think I also have some for your set builds from your wantlists. For my clarification are the card numbers the ones you need or already have?