Friday, March 8, 2024

Fred's house: Braves edition

 In hind sight I probably should have posted this pone last night. Still, it works out as you will see the Braves Babe Ruth card again.

This Babe is actually a different card than the one I showed last night. It is the same card but a duplicate. I grabbed two so that one could be in the Braves binders and one in the Babe binder. Just so happened that card got a few comments.

I must also say that I more than likely already have a lot if not most of these cards. I won't know for sure until I update my Braves which I have not done yet this year. I am still way behind since the mishaps in December and again January. I have come a long way though and am getting close to being caught up. Running out of supplies for the Braves bookcase renovation was a good thing. It allowed me to get going on some of this other stuff I've been lacking in doing. Now I have since gotten my new supplies, however I will be waiting until I get my Braves all caught up, excel sheets, web pages, and TCDB before I resume the renovation. I should be able to get it all done by my original deadline I set for myself which is the end of this month.

Now there is one more Braves card to show tonight and it is a BIG one! Not only is it an odd ball oversize card, but it is a BIG one for what it is.

This is like a team card or something (not sure yet). It is like a tall boy. Chipper Jones autograph for .35 is the best deal so far this year. Certainly the best card from all of the 1,463 cards I got from Fred that day. Hands down. I mentioned before that I wouldn't be showing you all of the cards I got that day, but I am going to show you about a third of them. Enough to last all next week (other than TRADE NIGHT).

I will slow roll it to begin with on Monday and as the week progresses the better the cards get well, for the most part.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Never knew Bethancourt was a Brave. I wish Tampa would've kept him. They need a catcher.

  2. I think I have that same Chipper somewhere. I believe it was what was sent out to people seeking a TTM autograph.

  3. Nice Chipper! Not only am I a fan of autographed cards... but I also like oddball/team issues.

  4. Mantle and Aaron on the same card is very nice!