Monday, March 18, 2024

Fred's big ones!

 Hopefully, everyone is feeling okay on this day after St. Patrick's Day. Going to knock out the over sized cards I got while visiting Fred at his home back in January.

Pretty sure at some point whenever I get to the Ripken Update of my Pc that I will remove that gold card from it's prison and discard the box. Not 100% sure, but close to it.

1999 Topps Jumbo cards.

2000 Topps Jumbo.

All Jumbos.

the complete Michael Jordan baseball Jumbo set (I got extras too).


This Ripken odd ball will probably stay in it's little folder and just placed in the PC binder.

Moving on to some larger cards.

That wasn't too bad. I will however have a TON to post up from the following day at Jax. Sports card shop including a slew of either dupes or cards I just don't collect. I bought a whole box of them (the over sized cards) and that price came out to about a .25 each.


  1. Kirby Puckett always is a hit for me!

  2. These oversized cards are awesome! Don't see those Topps Full Shot cards pop up very often... and for a quarter each... that's a steal (as are those Jordans). Actually... any of these for a quarter is a steal.

  3. That Willie Mays is a beauty!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen those Masters of the Game cards before. Really nice.

  5. I don't really ever look for jumbo cards, so the majority of these were new to me.