Friday, March 1, 2024

A very long vintagy post.

 Okay last month (Feb.) at the Jax card show Doc made a me a really good deal on a binder full of 54-56 Topps. Mostly 56' Topps. I wound up needing a few for my set build, but more importantly a handful of the variations. You know the grey backs. Most people don't really care whether they have the white back (I call cream back) or the grey. Me, I want both if they exist. What is really weird is that Topps didn't produce all of the cards in both versions. Now, if you are wondering why they did the switcheroo, it wasn't that intentional, but the first print run used the card stock available at that time, and in later print runs they used what was ready then. So a bunch of cards have both in the front end of the set. I got quite a bit of the opposite of whatever I had in my binder so that made me happy. I even upgraded a couple of cards. 

The rest of the binder is available for trade. Now I do already have some vintage dupes in my OCT trade boxes, but before I added these to those I figured there are some collector's out there in the blogosphere that don't mind less than perfect vintage. I am offering these up here first then later I will be adding what is left if any in the boxes.

Starting off with the 54's.

I have scanned the backs so anyone interested can see front and back, especially those who care cream or grey backs.

Now for some 55's and slide right into the 56' Topps.

You're not going to find any Mantle's or other super stars, but there are stars.

As you can see the back end of the set is all grey backs.

There you have it folks. If there is anyone out there looking to get a starter set of 56' this is one way to go. I paid $200.00 for what is scanned here which is about right, most of these cards can be had for around a buck a piece. There is apx 175 cards above.

Have a great weekend everyone as I will NOT be in Jax for the March card show tomorrow.


  1. Cool cards. As you know I've finished the '56 set and I don't care at all what back they are (though I prefer the gray ones). Not interested enough in '54 or '55.

  2. WOW!! I have less than ten cards from the 1950's in my collection. Very nice. Have a great weekend.

  3. Well this is what I have been waiting for! Was going to wait until the end of the trade posts (my team is last alphabetically) but I'd rather have the cards I need from this. I'll go through all your lists to see what I can come up for you, then we can figure out how many of these make sense for a return. Will have to give you my list of needs from these, but I know I will need most of them. Almost certainly more than what I can give you. So prioritize any other bloggers ahead of me, though I'd like to get in before the OCT crowd. Thanks!

  4. What an awesome pick up. Love seeing some of the nicknames of the guys used as their first name on the fronts.

  5. I would love Roger Craig or Forrest Jacobs.
    That's my trade bait list. If you don't see anything you like, don't worry about trading. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of good stuff.

  6. I was thinking you had almost a complete 1956 Topps A's team set here with the 8 or 9 different players in this post. But I went over to COMC and discovered there are 19 or 20 cards in that team set. Just another thing that impresses me about the 1956 Topps set.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Nice pickup of 50s cards. I'd be interested in Cubs or some of the KC A's!

  8. (sorry for posting here, but...
    if anyone reads this, my neighbor retired & gave my sister & I his card collection (1990s-today). TONS of newer sports. I'm looking for any GPK & the '85 Transformers cards. @BigK001 on TCDB :)

    - Krista (& Sarah)

  9. Whoa that's a hell of a pickup. A few of those Pirates 56s look to have spectacular views of the Polo Grounds.