Wednesday, March 27, 2024

January Jacksonville Sports Card shop

 Quite a few scans here tonight. Just as a reminder that back in January I visited Fred at his house, and the following day I went to the card shop. I didn't get a ton (over all), but I did bring home a lot. You will see odd balls, oversized cards (I bought a whole box of them), and magazines along with other items. Most of the odd or non oversized cards were a buck each, but the grand total counting everything came out to .30 a piece. 

Buck each.

Same here.

Here too. I grabbed the dupe because I know I will ultimately open one of them up for display and to get at the card.

You got it.....buck and a buck.

A couple of those magazines still have the cards inside and intact. And yes a buck each. Now let's start the oversized cards. First up are the cards that ARE NOT keepers.

Football, not my thing. But Cramer's Choice for .30. 

All extras, dupes or just someone I don't collect.

Same here dupes or whatever.....NOT keepers.

Nor these.

I believe the scan above is where the keepers start.

Jumbo Diamond Kings are extre sweet at less than 3 for abuck.

Lastly, the Braves. Between these and the haul from Fred's I went over board in January with the over sized stuff. I should be good for a long while (except I usually grab one or two from Ormond when I go). 

Have a great night folks!.


  1. Fun stuff! Is there a story behind the batting glove? Game used?

    1. definitely not. I'm pretty sure it is just something from a souvenir shop maybe even for a kid. Won't fit my hand.

  2. I wonder if that batting glove was a giveaway at games? I seem to remember those from Cub games?

  3. Really cool stuff. I used to have Wheaties boxes from the 1987 and 1991 Minnesota Twins World Series titles.

  4. Whoa had zero idea about the Toys R Us Master Photos.

  5. Good show. A buck each for unopened starting lineups? Very cool.

    Love the old batting glove...humorous to see how simple they used to look!

  6. So much cool stuff! Would love to see how you store/display your collection!

  7. Is that a jumbo Bowman's Best Gwynn refractor? And gotta imagine those Jordans will fetch some nice Braves for your collection. Holy crap... you find some awesome deals!

    1. The Gwynn is a Jumbo Finest, not sure if there are refractors or if it is one or not. Deals are what I look for (in everything). As for those extra Jordans, I am good with any of my needs not just Braves, set builds whatever.

  8. I keep seeing people on the blogs finding these cheap Classic sets still sealed. I hope to find a few of those myself someday.