Thursday, March 14, 2024

Last of of the "regular" size cards from Fred's house.

 Happy Friday folks! I must say it feels good not running a Franken Friday (albeit) I will be starting to post another one before year's end. Meanwhile we got some good cheap cards to send you off into the weekend.

Okay so maybe these 6 qualify as GREAT cards for .35 a piece. Holiday Variations, yeah I wasn't leaving any of those behind including the dupe. I should say dupes as I did already have that one and a couple of the others too.

Prospector or not, who would not have grabbed all of those above.

Yes, even .35 relics and I left a bunch behind. I am trying not to acquire cards that don't actually have a home in my collection. I won't leave a super deal behind though no matter what.

Lots and lots of SP and variation cards.

What you thought I only grabbed 2 relic cards at .35?  Ha!

Heck, I'm still giddy just looking at this for this post.

Great way to end the regular size cards. I'll be back Monday with the "oversized" cards. Just keepers from Fred, however coming real soon will be the "box" of oversized cards I picked the next day at the Jacksonville Sports Cards shop. Condolences go out to the owner Frank as his wife passed this week with service being held over the weekend.


  1. Very nice Mauer/Metrodome patch card. Went to games there a few times. We used to call it the marshmallow because of the roof. We had a great view of it when my kids were patients at the Minneapolis Childrens Hospital. It was also known as the "Homerdome". Sympathies to Frank and his loved ones in their great loss.

  2. Insane deals buddy. I never would have caught that Tatis variation had you not separated it.

  3. Looking right up Pedroia's nose on that All Star card.

  4. Wow, at 35 cents a relic I think I would have bought them all! (and then immediately regretted it, not knowing where I'd put them)

  5. Some of those relics do seem insanely cheap, but for me, the Boggs Gold Choice is the best deal here.