Monday, March 4, 2024

Not my normal pick ups.

 On one of the trips over to Ormond back in January or February I picked up a little bit. Not my usual stuff.

I got my hands on some 23' Holiday relics.  

Some cool pieces.

Of course I grabbed a couple of needed Braves. 

The next batch of cards are all box loaders.  the Chipper actually was a gift from Fred who was also at Kyle's shop that day.

I believe the 6 cards above are 5x7's, but the card below is more like 6x9.

All of those were nice additions for me, and a simple pick up. I spent a total of $50.00 and the majority of that was for the scan you'll see below.

Folks that is all 2023 Stadium Club sorted. The left side is the first 100 cards, the middle the 101-199, and the right is 200-300. The cards up front are the colored parallels and the little stack on the side is the Braves parallels. Yep $50.00 I didn't get the complete set as I was missing about a dozen cards (still am). Lots of dupes. Now sitting in my trade boxes.


  1. Nice Holiday relics! Fun sorting Stadium Club cards for a while? Yes indeed!!

  2. Those are some sweet additions.

  3. That Ripken sample card is cool. I always liked those Gold Team inserts. I picked up the refractor version of that Bowman Chrome Mays back in December. Requested shipment back in January... but it's been delayed. It's all good though. I have all of your packages to sort through first :D

  4. All I can think when I see those stacks is that's a good thing you don't have a cat :)