Monday, March 25, 2024

The rest of the book cases and then some, lol.

 Friday I promised to give a preview of the progress I have made inside my home (and a few in the garage). Here they are.

The book case on the left is for my Bowman and the one on the right is for my Fleer.

Left to right: Donruss & Leaf, Score, Pinnacle, & Chronicles, Upper Deck and Pacific.

As you can see some of those have lots of cards lurking around to be bindered. All of those binders will also have to be re-done at some point just not even a thought right now.


This little case is for a good bit of my mini-collections. Working on those now. This one will look similar to the big book shelves once the task is completed.

This one is in my living room and houses some of my Star Wars toys and cards along with my grand sons Pokemon, my Wacky Packages and a lot of my mini collections.

These two shelves are for my Player Collections. The top one is one that obviously had been bindered although I have purged a few players from them. The bottom scan is one that the players have been checked against my list and need added to the binders. Again, I purged those as well.

Okay, these are the cards for my PC that I still need to check against my lists to see if I need them. The cards in the bottom photo pertain to just the top two shelves with the "shoe boxes". The rest on that rack are trade cards. The top scan the cards on the pool table have yet to be sorted in any way whatsoever, whereas the shoeboxes have made it through round 1 of  my sorting process. Now you can see why I am so far behind with those that it is hard to even get motivated to do anything with them.

A quick trip back to my living room has the 3 book cases for my Topps set builds. The 2 on the left have the flagship and the one on the right have the high end sets like Tribute, Chrome Platinum, Finest, Triple Threads, Museum, Inception, and Stadium Club. I'm sure I left a few out. The fox his name is "BUD". My dad had him dome when I was 10 years old. He seen him get run over on the highway. My mom after we left my dad (again) held onto him until her passing. All of my kids grew up with BUD, and now my grandson Elijah get's to enjoy him as well. His mom (Hunter) gets a bit grossed out because E kisses the fox. The little guy likes the little guy.

Now let's go back to the garage for a minute.

This racks contain the majority of my trade boxes (99% baseball).

The boxes above contain "future PC" guys that I still need to purge some players from.

The above boxes contain nothing but rookies that I do actually purge them every 4-5 years. 

These are more trade boxes (not the loose cards on top) that don't have any place on the racks. Back to the living room for one last one.

Those cards are for my birthday binders that haven't been checked against the lists yet. Yes, the loose cards in the very back go all the way to the ground.

I think that is a good enough update n my re-organization of my cards.  Keep in mind this doesn't show my Braves dupes, and other misc. stuff. One day I'll get to that, one day.


  1. I was following along pretty good until I saw all those boxes and then my only thought was "holy crap, he better never move!"

  2. Dude that's heaven, I would never come out of there.

  3. Wow that is a crazy large collection.

  4. Looks like you’re putting a little dent in the organizing.

  5. A. I was going to leave a long comment about how awesome and shocking it is to see all of these binders and boxes of cards. But based on how many cards you ship out to fellow collectors... no way I could be surprised.

    B. I spy Yoda.

    C. Bud is really cool family heirloom.

  6. Having a game plan is the main thing. I can see you have a great one!

  7. Always enjoy seeing everyone's storage and set ups. Bud is cool!

  8. I thought I had a big collection lol

    I am curious what's in the trade boxes lol

  9. That is so impressive. You have larger inventory than many full-time sellers, I'd bet.

  10. We all knew you had an insane amount of cards, but seeing all those shelves and boxes really puts it in perspective!

  11. Holy Cow! I knew you had a ton of cards, but wow! How do you keep up with everything? I couldn't do it. Yours looks pretty organized for the amount of cards that you have.

    1. LOL! There is no "keeping up" lately it has been catching up and I know that I will never be absolutely caught up, I do believe however that I can get back to the pre-Dec & Jan flubs that got me too far behind. I am almost there.....almost. Next week should do it and everyone will know it too, lol.

  12. I hope you have a plan in place so that your daughters never have to try and piecemeal all of this out, or conversely, so that they don't get ripped off my some sleazeball.

  13. Wow, that is really impressive. I would never be this organized. You need a George Bell from 1987 Topps? Sure it's in the monster box in the... Ummm.. Maybe it's in the binder over by.. Err... never mind. I don't have one for you

  14. That is a crazy but real impressive setup! I liked the movable racks for your cards. Got a chuckle for the Bud story (he's great, he got run over) and a smile for the 2 Abbott binders.