Friday, March 29, 2024

No idea what these are. Braves win Braves win Braves win!

I watched the Braves first game today with my brother. Guess what, Braves won! Matt Olson who celebrated his birthday today was the hero (in my opinion) back to back to back doubles (2 in one inning). 

Okay the other day when I posted the photos of the re-organization with the garage photos included, there were the trade boxes that didn't fit on my "racks". There was a stack of cards on top (I made mention of them). Well there was one of my sticky notes on top stating February Jax Braves. I must have picked them up at the Feb. card show. My mind is blank, there were close to two hundred cards there. I did NOT scan them all. In fact I only made 3 scans as I have no clue about them. Some I know I got from Fred's table (23' TSC Braves parallels), the rest I just flat out don't remember. I know that I got the vintage from Chuck (other than that 59' Mantle I posted last month). I put Chucks cards away, so I am thinking that the vintage here are being moved because of an upgrade.....again no clue. I'll have to check my Braves binders first, then the set builds to see just where they are supposed to go. 

For now here are the 3 scans just to get these stacks done. That will leave me with two "deals" I made in February. One was from Daryl at the Feb. card show, and the other was a deal I made with a buddy in Ormond. The Daryl deal will take a week or two to post it all. The Mike deal from Ormond should be wiped out in two posts. When those are done and over I will be back on schedule.....sort of. With those getting done will put me on March acquisitions, and thus far I haven't been anywhere or bought any cards this month. That ends tomorrow as I will be heading to the Villages card show then the following Saturday I will be in Jax at that card show with a trip to Ormond in Between. So I will be jammed up again, but nothing I can't handle.

New and old all in one post. Aren't you glad i didn't scan the other 150ish cards? Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I like the Mathews from the old, and the Glavine(s) from the new!

  2. Lots of deals and always good ones! Nice variety of old and new. Have a great Easter weekend.

  3. I just got in some 2023 Stadium Club yesterday myself. Always love the photography.

  4. Dropping scans of a 54T Mathews and 54T Spahn... just to get some stacks done? That is awesome! Just like that 72T NL RBI Leaders card with three HOFers. Sweet stuff Johnny!