Friday, March 22, 2024

Happy Friday!

 Looks like we've made it through another week. Looking forward to a couple of days doing nothing. I have finished the Braves book shelf....sort of. I still need to maneuver some non card items around from several of my book shelves, but for now I am good. I'm going to do a quick post tonight with what that book shelf looks like, with a few other scans thrown in to give you folks an idea of what I am dealing with getting things in some sort of  organization.

Okay what is on the top shelf are my Braves 1906-1989. (The 3 binders on the bottom right are the 80's). It took 3 binders to get them all in and I still have some more to add to those books.

The 2nd row/shelf are all 1990's. Again I still have a shoebox of Braves left to put into the binders.

The 3rd shelf is for 2000-2009.

The 4th is where things start to "expand". By which I mean the binders are fuller and can't hold much more for several of them. years 2010-2018. 2018 actually has 2 binders.

The 5th shelf (bottom) holds years 2019-2024. Again most years are taking up 2 binders but at least they now have room for growth. With the shelf being full/complete 2025 poses a new situation where I am undecided as to how to deal with it. I will probably clear off the top and use that for at least 5 years. This shelf also does NOT contain another Braves binder... my mini collection of "Braves in the Background". I will have to put that one with most of the other "mini collections" More on that Monday. Then I still have to binder up my odd ball items like ticket stubs, parking passes, coins, bottle caps, chipz, large cards etc., and other misc. stuff which will ultimately join the Braves in the Background.

Now, I do have the rest of my book shelves loaded in the files to show them and where I am heading with those. I'll do that on Monday too.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Nicely done and very well organized. Have a great weekend. We are staring down a possibility of more than 12 inches of snow over the weekend!

  2. I wish that my collection was organized that well...
    Looks good for sure.

    1. Those are just my Braves (most of them). Not counting dupes.

  3. That binder book shelf looks awesome. It must weight a ton. Those Topps binders are cool. I see them every now and then at the flea market, but they're not cheap.

  4. I'd recognize those Topps binders on the 1st and 4th shelves anywhere...

  5. Great visual representation of the explosive growth of the number of cards over the years.

    Expansion in 2010 is ironic, given that is when MLB gave Topps an exclusive license and justified it by saying that there were too many different kinds of cards in the market confusing collectors.