Thursday, June 22, 2023

The regular stuff

 The winner last night was: The Diamond King

Now, with that "junk" purchase out of the way from Ormond I can highlight some of the normal stuff I get from the shop. I know that the collection was cruel to call it junk, but seriously there was about 25K 90's cards that I um.....misplaced lol. 

My normal stuff at Kyle's shop is one of two areas, sometimes both areas. the dime boxes and dollar boxes. I picked up quite a bit out of the dollar boxes, but don't worry I didn't scan them all just some highlights. (If that isn't enough I went back last Thursday too).

Here we go the last scan did NOT come from the dollar boxes!

Okay dollar boxes does not mean I paid a dollar. No, The most I pay for cards in these type boxes is 3 for a buck, and I prefer to pay a quarter each.

Autos and relics even if I haven't heard of most those guys.....MINE!

I grabbed several that I didn't need, I have to stop doing that.

What.....? 2 Braves autos that I need for .33.... I win again.

A lot of colorful parallels this trip. 

Stadium Club Chrome of the super stars, oh yeah.

Make that X-Fractors, absolutely heck yes. Another win!

Those Auro cards looks twice as good in hand.

I do believe I scanned these twice by mistake. At least the Braves anyhow. Too late now. I think I will stop here and finish up Friday. Nope...well yes I did, these cards were not in the dollar box, duh I said so to start the post with. The cards here were in Kyle's  $5 & $10 dollar boxes. I paid $20.00 for these.


  1. I like the Aaron Bazooka strip - never seen one with a photograph in it before.

  2. Yeah, autographed cards for 33 cents = pretty awesome.

  3. Totally funky Mays Stadium Club, and wow, do those x-fractors look great all together!

  4. Great pickups as always! I've never seen that Daisuke Matsuzaka card before - really cool!

  5. Is that a minor league relic?

    Woo X-fractors!

  6. Lots to like in the scans. I've never seen a 582 Montgomery in real life.

  7. Those X-fractors are kind of hard to stare at after awhile.

  8. There’s that Harris you were talking about yesterday! Love that ‘94 Bowman tribute Franco and all of the X-Fractors!

  9. Rock Shoulders is a hell of a name.

  10. An Albies relic card for 33¢? #jealous