Thursday, June 8, 2023

A new dealer to experience in Clearwater.

 Winner winner....chicken dinner. John Sharp won last night. I apologize for posting late last night as I didn't get hone from Ormond Beach until 7:30 and I was starving so I ate first.

Now to finish up the Clearwater trip. I spent the entire day basically sitting in the same chair. I showed you the stuff from Justin, now from a new guy: Chris (apparently he sells on ComC too) according to his "biz" card. I checked him out there and he is a little more than others on that site which explains a little bit of how I made my deal with him before I started to dig through his boxes. Well, the boxes that he bought out for $1,100.00 the night before from the original seller. Chris was set up with 4 tables across from Justin and his "square". So Chris just left those boxes on the table where they were. Changed the prices from .25 boxes to 3 for a dollar (12 monster boxes), and then about 5 more monster boxes from 3 for a buck to 50 cents.

I told the guy that I was going to go through every card and I know me I will get at least 500 cards based on the number of boxes there. He hemmed and hawed for a minute and agreed to let me have the first group of cards from the 12 quarter boxes (now 3 for 1) for a dime each, but he wanted two dimes each for the last 5 boxes. I agreed and started digging. I came up with 521 cards rounded down to 500 out of the first dozen boxes. Like I said I know me. The last 5 boxes the twenty centers netted me another 200 cards. (actually was like 198). I spent $90.00 with the guy, wrote him a check kept my cash. 

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS ONLY from the "better cards .20er's". Just 3 scans.

I am very happy to pay twenty cents for Museum, Triple Threads, Cornerstones, and a late 90's Diamond King.

Now to hit the HIGHLIGHTS" of the dimes cards. (10 scans).

Msddux rookies for a dime.

Candy City cards for a dime?

There were almost two complete sets of the Coke Ryan cards. 

I do hope to do another Clearwater show, but my days of running all over the place every weekend are over. That was way too much. I couldn't keep up. I will make my way back so that I can actually look at what cards Chris had at his actual tables, and see what kind of a deal I get get going. I do feel that we will work it out and both be very happy. I get that from the guy. Might even get to the point where he calls me up and says hey I just bought a huge collection come down and take a peek. That is and has always been my way of getting bulk deals on the cheap. 

Speaking of bulk deals. I dun went and dun did it agin, two times. Last weekend in Jax, and yesterday in Ormond. Not sure how to set the field for what I did. I could rationalize it both ways, good deal and stupid idiot are you out of your mind.

I have the night/weekend to figure it out though. I will. You'll see next week for sure, just not both transactions together. 


  1. Love that Slam Diego card. Is there a similar card for each team? Be a great subset to collect.

  2. Awesome, appreciate you!

    That UD Steve Garvey is a nice looking card.

    Good Job!👍

  3. Great variety! I like the Mays Chasing History card. The B&W Topps are also pretty cool looking.

  4. I've bought more than 500 cards at a show just once, when I bought an entire dime box. I thought I was fancy then, little did I know there was someone doing it like every weekend.

    I just got that 2022 Chrome pink Buehler. No comment on the other Dodgers here.

  5. Never heard of Candy City Team, that's a new one for me.

    I know that feeling of making a big card purchase and then not sure if made a mistake or not. Usually veterans like us have good instincts, though.

  6. I always laugh at the "Slam Diego" thing. Yeah, fine 4 in 4 games was great. But it's not like it happens every night. Cause you know, it was just a lazy pop fly this time around. Oh and now a grounder... I'm totally over assessing it

  7. Great cards. Can’t believe you got a Snell rookie, a Red Bowman Platinum Verlander, a Cecil Fielder and Cespedes rookie, 2 Maddux rookies, and a Bowman Chrome refractor Prince Fielder rookie for a dime each.
    I have the jumbo version of that TSC Finest Juan Gone.

  8. Maddux rcs for a dime weird me out. I got one a couple of months ago.

  9. I really like the On Demand Black and White cards. Not sure why but I do. And huh. That's a other hologram set I was unaware of and now need to look into.

  10. Those black and white Topps cards look real nice

  11. I think what I am most surprised with is that you 1. had a check and 2. he accepted a check!

    1. I don't leave home without it (checkbook). What if you run into a guy selling his entire collection on the side of the road? LOL, I still pay all of my bills but 1, no 2 by check. Paper bills baby, these days if they ain't willing to do it, then I don't need it. Heck, I only use my debit card for gas (usually do cash wherever/anything else). I do use it it to pay paypal for baseball cards and supplies, and the rare other item I may buy on the internet (maybe once every few years). Nope, I still have and use a actual filing cabinet for the paperwork. That reminds me it's time to use the burn barrel.

  12. Love seeing all of those SP Special FX inserts. Such a good looking set.