Friday, June 23, 2023

Good stuff from Ormond and good news about Florida!

Our winner this past evening was: Bo.

I have to give a shout out (rooting for) my Florida Gators as they battle LSU (another SEC team- SEC RULES) for the Baseball College World Series this weekend. 

The SEC has been a dominant force during my adulthood, and not just football. No matter who wins this year it will be the 9th out of the last 13 CWS winners were SEC teams.  Covid cancellation and Oregon State messed up a 5 year stretch (making it 5 of 6 Oregon's win in 2018, and nothing in 2020. 

Needless to say I want my Gators to win. It would be amazing that both of my Alma Maters CF (just won the junior college championship), and UF to take the CWS. I have UF football jerseys, I am thinking I may have to take a trip north to Gainesville and get me a baseball jersey from the school possible visit that card shop there too. If they win, I will do that. 

Plenty still to get to from the dollar boxes that actually cost me 3 for a buck or .333 each. 

I am going to go ahead and put this out there. For the last decade plus I have done my fair share of bitching about Bowman and all of their hard to figure what is what. But these last two years or so, they kind of got it simplified. Now until this year 2023, I didn't much care for the set design. I dig this years Bowman, I really do. I even like the parallels, but they are not that common. I have completed the base set 1-100 already and that is typically all I build. Not this year, I like so much that I am building the prospects and the chrome prospects. Nearly done with paper prospects, maybe half done with the chrome. Now, If I get off of my keester and dig through my future/potential pc boxes I might find pretty much the rest that I need. Thus far... this set is my favorite of the year. I don't believe Stadium Club will knock it out.

Okay moving on.

Those Pure Power cards are amazing in hand. Crazy for being so simple, but I love them. I have several now, and went on ComC and Sport Lots to grab some more. I picked up another Frank Thomas for .85, only because it was .85 and most of the others were around $4-5.00 a pop not just his cards all of them. I did not get any others. I think I will call it a night, week, etc.... There are nine more scans from my gets in the Ormond dollar boxes this time, and another nine scans of the FREE STUFF Kyle gave me. I'll give you a hint 2023 pruduct released not long ago. Like 800 cards free to me (those are already scanned). I will post those on Tuesday. I also went back to the shop the following, but I have yet to scan those gets. 


  1. Thank you!

    Your scanner does a good job bringing out the shininess of these cards.

  2. Some really cool stuff in there. I don't think I have seen a Pure Power in hand before. I'll look around.

  3. Okay the colored borders on this year's Bowman do look kind of nice. Base white set is extreme snore for me but it's always good to see that someone likes it and be reminded that a variety of designs is a good thing.

    1. This year is not so much a plain jane border. I also forgot to mention the BEST part. The backs. You can actually differentiate between the base and prospects and do it without squinting. Everything on the back has a larger font. You can read the numbers the names all of it. The fronts too. It feel snice not having to use my reading glasses plus a magnifying glass, lol. I should have posted a Bowman back.

  4. I haven't been able to catch any CWS this year, hopefully this weekend. I hadn't seen that '92 Bowman Ryan before. I like it even though he looks kinda squashed.

  5. I didn't know half those cards existed.

  6. That’s 3 parallels of the 2023 Topps Blake Snell. You should try to get the rainbow.

  7. Nice Carew in the Baby Blue! The Twins wore helmets just like that yesterday. Nice cards!

  8. A guy from my current town is a pitcher on Florida, although he was injured all season.

  9. I like that SD patch. And a rare appearance of a card I actually own, the Halladay!

  10. Fun stuff...have a great weekend!

  11. Good luck to your Gators! Another Fernando sighting.