Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

I'll be quick tonight. 20 scans 19 cards. Here we go!

 This Jeff Parrett card looks an awful lot like Vinny Castilla, doesn't it?

I just happened to notice that in nearly all of Vinny's fielding cards, his mouth is so wide open.

I'm not really sure what Archi there is pointing at. Not a bad shot for a card back, on a 1st year card.

Somebody get Deion an Apple, please. That ball looks dirty....

Nothing wrong with a little dug out fun.

Ooooh, a ball and it's coming right at me. Funny how infielders all have their own unique facial expressions. Remember Vinny and the opened mouth.

A bit too much mousse, and look a flying helmet.

Is that bird poop? Maybe he just sneezed and it's snot. ?????

Multi-tasking: Stretching and catching a ball all with the eyes closed.

Okay, he hit the ball, let the bat go, what is that in his right hand?

 Nice dugout shot. In fact, this is a GREAT shot!

What happened to the end of the bat.


 Hey, I think that knee is dirty. But that isn't why the card is in tonights' post. Look at that bat position. The card back is worthy of scan too.

1st baseman in the bull pen. Okay this is posed, and Kent is all but cracking up. If you look closely you can see he is about to loose it.

What is Damion doing with his right hand, was he scratching in butt?

Now that is a team mate, shoulder rub and all.

I never understood why any ballplayer would sit on his knees and bounce the ball, or at least that is what it looks like. Maybe he was bored, after all Bruce is a Pitcher.

Where did this play take place? We have 3rd baseman, and the home plate umpire.

Closing out with a nice vintage Bo Sox, check out the background.

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