Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Shout Outs

A couple of Listia wins, another Package of goodness from Mark Hoyle, and a surprise from Jeff (One Man's Junk).

222 CREDITS! Listia. I also picked up a serial numbered (non Brave) from 2001 Ovation.(not scanned)

Some more vintage from Mark.

Some mini greatness from Mark. That is just my second Kellogg's card. The other is also Phil but from 1981, this is from 1980, and look my 5th Braves 1975 mini. Mark was fortunate last Monday to attend a card show where he was able to find a good deal on the 75 minis as Nite Owl found out. Although I am very happy for Mark, I am sad for me, we haven't had a "card show" here or near here in 20+ years. You have to drive an hour or two, emphasis on the two to find a decent card show and they are not that often. There are monthly ones about 90 minutes away but they suck, way overpriced! (you know the ones). I truly miss a good card show, it's been near 2 decades since I was able to attend one.

Some more vintage goodies from Mark. That Causey made a Binder 1 upgrade (I will be moving the replaced card to binder 3). Four of the others made Binder 3 also. Only Mack Jones missed my binders. But wait Mark didn't stop there either.

Yes sir! 3 Hank Aaron Specials (2,4,5), which is now complete (1-6), thanks Mark!

Yeo sent along these additions to my binders.

Look shadow shots and a famous name, LOL.


  1. If I wanted I could probably find a show every weekend that is within an hour. There is one place that has a show about once every three weeks. Usually about 40-50 vendors. It's not always the same guys either. Although I find it's not bad to have a few regular go to guys.