Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Minis

Back to the normal multiple "mini collections". Some are for my collection and some are set aside for others. I will start with one of my keepers "Bubble Gum'. A generic title as you will see most and preferably so are blowing bubbles, but not all.

 The backside of the first Vinny directly above qualifies as a double dip mini as it is also a fist bump, but the backside also appears again tonight.

Above you see a "stick of gum" and Parker is jawing his wad of gum with his mouth open. By the angle it looks as if he fouled one into the dugout.

Below are more double dip minis, most are "Turning Two" and "Playn Dirty".

 Not appearance of Gwynn.

The card above is great for several reasons. Double Dip Mini (plate at the plate and playn dirty). But here you have the catcher on his back, the runner standing up, and you get the umpire calling it safe, great card.

Not sure why the look on Biggio.

Fletcher gets a triple mini, dirty, turning two, and causing a stir.

The Giambi gets into the Double Dip mini for the dirt and for Alex (Chavez Ravining) new mini collection Pimping Dingers. Likewise the card below, but also is a double dip for the broken bat. The card back "implies this shot was his first homerun, keyword "implies"

Dirty and Celebrating with give some love.

Play at the plate and dirty.

Now the World Series card above hits on all cylinders: #42 (Ethan) "playing with my cards", Playn Dirty all 3 pics, A's (Fuji), got a high five going on there with Rickey, and it kind of looks like someone might be Pimping a Dinger (Alex). 

 Hits the Shadow Shots and Dirty.

Triple hit! Playn Dirty, Causing a Stir, and its a Brave card. LOL.

Good, some dark dirt, and Play at the plate.

Dirty (dirty hit too) and a play at the plate. I've shown this card before I know. It seems that way wit a few cards tonight.

Causing a stir and play at the plate.

This next group of cards are a keeper of mine. "Famous Names" I have a binder of these somewhere, but couldn't locate it so I scanned the 17 I had pulled out previously and scanned those.

The board game maker .

The motel.

Tobacco company.

Country music singer. "The Gambler" "Lucille"

Country music singer and actor, most notable movie to me "Smokey and the Bandit"

One of the best if not the best Golfer, and he was a Georgia boy too!

Movie director.  A lot of Johnny Depp movies.

Mike short for Michael. Pop Super Star among other things.

Rock star!

Race car driver.

This one may get ya. The "other" Chris Gardner was a very successful Financial Advisor. Maybe you seen the Will Smith movie " the Pursuit of HappyNess". Great movie period, but especially if you are new to my line of work.

Bob short for Robert. Politican

John (Jack), Robert, and Ted's father. Somehow avoided the stock market crash and got into the bootleg whiskey business and made so much money!

Keeping with the politics, the Governor. Ironically that was the ballplayers nickname too.

I threw in some football players to fill the scan because I couldn't find the baseball binder. Lots more there when I find it. This is actually a fun mini collection. I go off of memory rather than research.


Here's another that might throw ya. Carl Lee (first name and middle) from the movie "A Time to Kill" Carl Lee was played by Samuel L. Jackson.

The baseball player, LOL. I think that I will stop here, save the rest of the scans for next Monday.


  1. 2014 Topps Series 1 Chris Getz needs to be added!

  2. If I ever retire, I think I'll have to offer up the "Playing With My Cards" name to you...

  3. Love the different collections... my favorite would be your "famous names" collection of cards.

  4. I've had a copy of that '07 UD Alex Gordon in my collection for a while now and never noticed it was a "bat barrel" shot until now.

  5. How about Al Kaline. The battery company