Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trade Post

No mail Monday made for a short post today. I received a package from Chris (Nachos Grande), including a nice blog bumper sticker, and a PWE from Ethan (Playing with my cards).

Ethan and I send regular PWEs back and forth with no strings attached. They are not random cards, but cards of what we collect. We usually send 18 per PWE, nice easy and very safe way to get 18 cards there for .86. You guys really should try it, it saves a bunch on shipping and time. Pull 18 mail them. If you have to just throw 2 forever stamps on them, saves a trip to the PO too. Anyways, Ethan has been alphabetically going through his cards and pulling me some Braves. I think this last batch finishes on the Bs.

These 9 hit their main binders and another two cards hit the frankenset.

Chris sent along some return Braves for some REDs cards and some Pacific cards. He is considering collecting all of the Pacific brands so help him out, there are some really cool cards too.

That Spooneybarger made Binder 1.

I don't have but a few other UD Retros, so these were nice additions to the Upper Deck binder.

That's just the 2nd framed piece that I have from that set (I also have Cabrera).

When I scanned these last night I didn't realize that I already had the Andruw in the bottom right. Still more for the UD binder though.

The red borders on the cards are just awesome on the Braves cards!

Chris used the above Arod (1 of 2 sent) to cover the end of the 2 stacks of cards he sent.  I scanned it because it looks like 1 photo, but Mariners and Piazza in 1998, had to be Inter-league or one heck of a photo shop. Either way, it makes the scan.

Some serial numbered goodness in the form of a parallel Maddux. Very cool.

Well that wraps up the two packages. I got 2 singles in todays mail, but will save them for Sunday.

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