Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Shout Outs

I received some tradepackages from Zippy Zappy (Kenny at Cervin' up Cards), Boone from OCT, an Ebay win,  and another Listia win.

The Ebay win.

My apologies for the dirty scanner, this card is gorgeous. That 2008 Absolute tools of the Trade Oversized Blue #19 John Elway is serial numbered 7/25. Yep, another low serial and his jersey number to boot, again! I also won three 1971 Topps from Listia for 499 with free shipping.  Normally I wouldn't use so many credits for three base cards, but they are in excellent condition (hard to do with the black border), I needed them all, and one of them I didn't even know I need it at all. That appears to be the trend recently.

These are part of what Kenny sent.

Two new autos for that collection, a Gattis purple refractor, and a refractor for that Bowman Chrome Vail, a reprint Jones rookie, and couple of parallels. Sweet!

Kenny also sent along that Aaron, my first Sega card, a Gold Medlen, and these Topps Opening Day, and a couple more inserts.

Kenny also sent these and another 30 cards too. That Pena Jr card made it into binder 1, I didn't even know I needed it. Thank you Zippy, I hope that you enjoy the vintage I am sending your way.

Boone from OCT has been trying to work a trade out with me since July, it just never worked out. Low and behold to my surprise this package came in yesterday.

The vintage cards above aren't in the best of condition, but for the ones I need they will suffice until I get one better. The highlights from Boone were these.

My first numbered pink parallel. 29/50

Didn't know these existed, and I'm not sure what Dubuque is. I like them though I would have preferred something other than pinstripes for the border.

The Neikro comic is one of two from that 1979 Topps comic set, the other is Bob Horner. This is something that was always in that trade that never happened. I figured it would be a great piece to end this post with.


  1. That Niekro comic is awesome! I didn't even know those existed.

  2. Glad you enjoyed some of the Braves I sent you :).

  3. I'm with Nick... never seen these before, but I'm headed over to COMC to see if there are any A's or Padres in the set.