Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trade Post

Monday was the only day this week (so far) that I received any cards. Granted, there were several packages on Monday. It's a good thing too if any more would have come in prior to today this post would have been too long. Not that any of us mind looking at awesome cards, especially with the vintage that overwhelms this entire post. So let us start with my first trade with Mark Hoyle, who appears to be helping many of us in the blogosphere.

Leading off are these colorful 1975s

Nice lot of 1975s and That Drake Murphy is 1983. Mark didn't stop there, he also sent along these


and these 1972s

Have you seen enough vintage yet, no that is a good thing.

Mark didn't skip 1974, he sent the Aaron special you see above along with the 70 & 71s.
Mark didn't want to miss the newer stuff so he sent along these goodies as well as a 1977 Andy Messersmith RC Cola can.

That is a lot of vintage in a day, but that isn't all that we got Monday, more later in the post.

Ethan (playing with my cards) sent these dandies. He continues to assassinate my Braves want list alphabetically.

Ethan felt kind enough to send along this 1984 All Star Ballot too.

Randy Griffin from OCT ( ) sent these oldies.

Another unsuspecting package of wonderful. For any of you guys that love vintage cardboard you should really check out OCT, they are an awesome group of guys. It is really simple, you just need to make five trades per session (3 months), this session I quit counting at 50.

The Hostess you see below came from 225 credits on Listia.

Nate Mack another OCTer, sent these really vintage Braves as part of a trade we did where I sent him a 1955 Bowman Ernie Banks. Nate has sent many such cards in relation to that trade which was our 2nd biggest trade.  Over the summer, I sent him a 1952 Bowman Mantle, the only card I've ever traded that I seriously wish that I hadn't. I had remorse on the Mantle autograph, but my heart didn't break. I still miss that 52. But I am extremely pleased with all the goodness that Nate sent in return.

What a Vintage packed mailbox Monday was!


  1. Quite the haul for one day. Must have put a huge dent in the want list. Love that all star ballot

  2. It was an awesome haul for one day for sure, thanks again for your tremendous package. I am far from putting a dent in my want list, not even the ones I have listed which is only about 10% of what I actually need.

  3. Those cards sure look better in your scans then they did in person

    1. I colored them in, just kidding. I use the auto correct when scanning, so that the cards come out nice and bright. One of these days I will get around to actually cleaning the flatbed, lol.