Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trading For.....

Okay last Tuesday I posted that I would like to trade for these Braves or preferably team sets, but any of these Braves cards will work. I made a lot of trades last week and even got a bunch in yesterday, but just 1 single card from the list below. I'd like to put these team sets to bed. So here they are again.

1995 Topps

1997 Topps

1998 Topps

1999 Traded

2002 Topps

2002 Traded

2003 Topps

2003 Traded

2004 Topps

2004 Traded

2005 Topps

2005 Update

2006 Update

2007 Update

2008 Update

2009 Topps

2009 Update

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