Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Minis

Howdy ya'll. Last week a few people liked the "Famous Names" so I figured I start tonight with those and finish up with some of the others.

There was another baseballer, he played for the Braves for awhile and he also managed for a bit. That Davey Johnson also shares a birthday with one of my daughters (Jan. 30) also a PC mini of mine.

Look only 1 ear, lol. Duh, the boxer.

The actor. Miami Vice was one of my favorite shows. Nash Bridges was okay I guess. He was funny in "Tin Cup".

The comedian.

The wrestler.

The other Mike Stanton pitched for the Braves (LOL).

No brainer. Another Pitcher but a really good one.

Must be a trend, there was another Kevin Brown and a really good pitcher.

The BEER! LOL, okay the man for which the beer was named.

The other one played in the NFL, drafted by the Bears 1974 1st round 20th overall.

See below.

Tom Greene the comedian, slash actor. Wasn't a big fan, but he did get to play with Charlie's Angels rather one of them anyways.

Character from the Terminator.

The Hair guy.

The basketballer, and a good one too!

POP star amongst other things.

Yes, this Gregg played for the Braves too, as did Greg Olson the catcher. Fun fact: they were both on the roster at the same time once.

This Frank wasn't too shabby either, and he also played for the Braves (Miluakee).

Character played by Mark Wahlberg in "Four Brothers". Good movie.

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach.

Singer, rapper, started in "New Edition" was a child star. Married Whitney Houston, since remarried.

Another singer/rapper and on again off again hook up for Rhianna.

"The Nightly News" and "Rock Center"

Another Pitcher, pretty good for awhile too.

 A super no brainer.

Now for a few of the other mini collections.

The Dip Can

More Dip Cans.

Its a bird, its a plane, NO its "Super Man"

Some "Throw backs" (these are not a keeper mini of mine).

Fist Pumps!

More Fist Pumps!

Giving credit to the man above. (other than the Feliz, he is dreaming about being #1 or he's stating there is 1 out).


  1. Re: famous names. You probably came along too late for this post:

    1. between last week and this one that knocked out most of those including some that i will save for another time. LOL. i did see a few i forgot about.

  2. I dig the Superman collection... Nice. I also love that a guy named Ted Williams decided to see if he could make it in baseball.