Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shadow Shots

It's raining here in Florida, but  a wet 40s and 50s is much better than the teens and 20s we had off and on for the last couple of weeks. Not to mention I could be living somewhere else. I'm happy. Stuck at the house I might as well get the Shadow Shots done this morning.

Nothing like a little Gator (tastes like chicken, but I like chicken better). Compliments from the Rod Beck below.

Similar to the Gator, I label this one a monster, notice how the cleats are making toenails or some really short fingers. LOL.

Now here (below) for some reason I think of the Atlanta Falcons emblem, even though it's not close.

The Eifel Tower.

I see an elephant head.

This could be those stone statue soldier mummy things from "The Mummy" (the one with Rachel Weisz.

 Thank you Mr. Burkett for making me think of that hot lady. Man I love it when a piece of cardboard can do that!

I see the fat ghost from "Casper".

For some reason I see a scorpion??????? Maybe a lobster?????

Now the above could be a picture all by itself. Blue sky in the horizon looking over the dessert, or it could be a bird, or a plane. A really big plane.

That all folks for today.


  1. The Benes shadow sort of reminds me of a horse head... well a horse with really large ears.

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    1. You're right. It totally looks like a donkey!