Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Shout Outs

Today is absolutely gorgeous, perfect baseball weather. The first half of the week (Thursday's post) brought in 2 packages, but Thursday itself brought 5 and another 2 on Friday and zero on Saturday.

My first addition of 2014 product:  1 base card and 1 insert compliments of Marcus (all the way to the back stop). Marcus also sent the foil Chipper.

 For 2014 Topps Series 1:  2/193 (LOL) thanks Marcus for the head start.

Ethan (playing with my cards) sent a return package:

Etan is in the process of sorting cards alphabetically and he has sent me Braves A, and B. We have on going PWE thing where we swap 18 cards at a time. Love the DB cards bud! I have a couple of him in Dodger gear set to come back at cha with some "Turtlenecks".

 Ethan sent me a "Grip" must have been a double as that is one of his mini collections.

Bob D. from OCT (also writes blog for the Tampa Bat Tribune) sent along two 2013 Topps Magic cards for the PC. That is a parallel Green Border mini.

I picked these 1986 Topps TIFFANY (1.5 SETS, only showing 1 set) FROM eBAY FOR LESS THAN $4 delivered

 These cards are super glossy and slick.

 I got 17 doubles as well hence the 1/2 set more of a 3/4 2nd set.

Another eBay win $2 delivered for both (above).

Below is a from Kyle (Nolans Dugout). That is a netting from the foul pole on the Chipper card! And another Braves auto for the collection.  Thank you much.

Kyle also sent along these too.

My first Donruss Originals cards, thank you again. The last trade package came from Tim also at OCT which were some Dale Earnhardt Jr cards for a friend of mine. (no scan).

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