Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Shoutouts

Only one trade package came in these last few days, and that was yesterday! By no means was it a disappointment. It was an awesome box full of Braves from Pat (Hot Corner Cards). It should more than suffice for this post. Before I start with the scans. Want to "shout out" to those trades that are in the works, and to formally congratulate the Comment Contest Winners, 1st Place Chris (Nachos Grande), 2nd Place Ethan, and 3rd place Nick (Dime Boxes).  Trade done cards in the mail with Kyle (Nolans Dugout), Trades started with Chris, Tom, plus waiting on a few team sets pick ups from Ebay.

Here are some (only showing apx. 10%) of what Pat sent back to me for a box of Tigers. I loaded him up, and I still have another flat rate box sitting here with his name on it with more Tigers and Lions this time. After that we should be onto the Vintage Tigers I plan on getting to him too. But here goes.

Pat sent along these Heritage cards too:

Pat sent 13 Heritage from the above set, but I figured 9 would give ya the picture.

How about some inserts and oddballs?

That is my first Hill's card. What you want more inserts, okay..

Some mini goodness. Those 1988 Topps (below) are also firsts for me)

How about some refractor, xfractor rainbow stuff?

A couple of nice throwbacks above. I grew up with the Braves wearing those uniforms on Uggla

Pat I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to you, THANKS!