Monday, July 24, 2023

Masonic Monday: A submariner? Who throws the ball underhanded? Say what?

 Our winner Friday night was Jeremy.

Our Mason ballplayer this week.

We've got Carl Mays coming soon too!

I do not have part 2.  But you can find the copy with it inside here:

Knights Templar archives


  1. I got Auker's autograph TTM back in 2006 when he was 95. Rather than answering a few personal questions he suggested that if I want to know more about him, to go get a copy of his book "Sleeper Cars and Flannel Uniforms". Classic.

  2. Mays was born in Liberty, KY. I lived in Kentucky for 7 years and my Wife is from there. The town we lived in which is her hometown is located a few miles north of Liberty. Protective helmets became a good thing to be mandatory. Especially now that some pitchers are throwing close to 105mph.

  3. I'm too tired at the moment to check, but wonder how many submariners got into the trade due to shoulder injuries. Mark Eichhorn got into it for the same reason

  4. It took a long long time for those macho ballplayers to agree to helmets.

    I get the USPS Informed Delivery emails and supposedly I was getting a PWE from you today. So now neither my outgoing nor my incoming mail is being delivered! Don't tell me what was inside, and don't send me any more unless I start being able to rely on the P.O. again.

  5. Wish Mays could get mentioned without Chapman. He was a good pitcher who kind of got a bad rap as being a headhunter and dirty because of the incident even though he wasn’t.

  6. This is cool!

    Never heard of Carl Mays either.

  7. This might be the best of these baseball articles so far.