Saturday, July 29, 2023

Masonic Monday: Bill Terry

 The winner Friday night was AJ (The Lost Collector).

Now on to a long post, and mind you this is just part 1. I do not have part two.

If you'd like to finish the article with part two here is the link to the Archives.

Knights Templar Archives

A reminder to everyone that this is the last week of the almost daily giveaways. It has been a year long journey.


  1. Thanks for having these giveaways.

  2. Great article, read all three parts.

    Thanks again for all the giveaways!

  3. Thanks for all the giveaways! Happy to have been able to win a bunch of times. It's helped me to get some more recent cards and expand my collection

  4. Thank you for your giving to many. I'm not sure when I started but have learned some great things along the way. I too have gotten some cards I never would have. Added a few new Twins cards to my collection and the newest cards as well. Thanks Johnny!

  5. Thank you for being such a positive and generous influence in the blogosphere. The USPS is grateful too. Can't even begin to imagine how much you contributed to them with all the postage paid for these care packages.