Friday, July 28, 2023

Did you say that you like INSERTS?

 Well then I will show you some tonight. First though is our winner last night was/is: The Night Owl himself. Everybody holler HOOT HOOT. 

Now Ormond inserts at the plate (SUB-SETS TOO). There's the wind up.  Here come the cards.

What can I say? I like them and they were all together in one of those boxes. I had to swipe them.

You know these are getting added the Independence Day post! Plus fiver down below.

All of those whatever they are cards were grouped together also.

Likewise these were grouped together too, pretty much all of the inserts were like that. Now on another note: Anyone catch the error?

Time to add some color to the equation.

Just one more long post with a story at the end from this trip to Ormond.


  1. Blue Jays are in the A.L. Love those BTW.

  2. I am stumped, could not find the error.

  3. Leave it to the people at Fanatics to think Vlad Jr is on an NL team.

  4. The WBC inserts are nice looking, though I like the ones that represent the other countries as well.

  5. 1. LOL @ Vlad in the NL
    2. Love the Aces cards.
    3. Not a huge fan of the WBC design but have absolutely been grabbing those for my kids.

  6. Hoot Hoot! Aces insert: awesome, WBC inserts: awesome, '88 All-Stars: awesome. There were some good inserts put out this year!

  7. For some reason it's jarring to see current players on the 1988 All-Star design.

  8. Replies
    1. In my personal collection or my dupes? Or everything all together?

  9. I really like the shiny colorful Correa and Ryan cards. Have a nice weekend!

  10. Hoot hoot! Love those Aces... and the WBC Stars inserts. But where are all of the Japanese players from the set?

  11. Great stuff...have a fun weekend!