Friday, July 7, 2023

July Jacksonville card show

 Feels really good being able to post cards from a card show the week after I get them. Who knows.... if I keep this pace up I'll be back to the old normal "theme" posts of days gone by. I'm looking forward to that. Who doesn't miss the Shadow Shots and the likes of Wacky Wednesdays? Getting this post out early today as I will be attending teh Braves  and rays game tonight.

The almost daily giveaways are nearing the end. It is hard to believe that I started that 1 year ago (well August 8th). The year long giveaways are on it's final days. To think that I started with one 5K count monster box of dupe PC guys that I didn't want to bring home (that box is still as full today as it was when I started). Still sitting off to my right, but the difference is it is in Florida now. For those who may not have been around back then, after my 9th blogaversary, there were some other milestones in the mix like 2,500th post, my birthday, my uncles birthday and several other milestones all coming to fruition around the same time so I figured I lead into my 10th anniversary with the giveaways ending on that day. A lot has certainly happened over the last near 365 days. A lot has changed or rather sort of gotten back to normal. Eh....its far from normal because I am still a very long way from having everything the way it was when I left Florida, but I am getting there. Everyday gets me closer to where I want to be. I do miss my Uncle though and would gladly still be there for him without any qualms. I'd actually prefer it had he not been suffering like he was at the end for a full year actually. Okay let's perk things up. 

I originally did not plan on going to the Jax. show, but said to myself why not, I'm rested and I got a lot done.....a lot. So I went. I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything, yeah they didn't happen. I even made sure I didn't have that much cash with me. Yeah, that didn't last long either, hit the ATM up, dang it. I will say that I stayed sort of in the budget of old. I don't want to go next month either, but Chuck and old dealer bud is going to make an appearance (with Fred). He'll be selling some stuff. He is a vintage guy. Had a shop up north for 35 years, then retired to Florida and they (he and his wife) were doing card shows. He sold off basically everything at the beginning of the Pandemic, his wife was ill and he did the right thing. Now he will have a table sitting next to Fred just like the old days. I want to go and see what he has left, maybe this time I can be the one who buys everything from him. I missed the show where he sold everything the last time!

Blah blah blah, the show: I walked in as my usual, but the very first tables you come to had someone different sitting there, stopped me in my tracks. Through me for a loop, and totally off my game. I didn't buy thing from him, but I sure wanted too. Next to him is where Daryl sets up, I stopped there too (on my way to Fred's tables) Fred caught me there and said hey what's up? lol. I did buy some things from Daryl right then. He didn't have his usual quarter boxes (he usually has vintage boxes for a quarter per card too). I always get a lot from there and wind up paying less than a dime, but alas there were none. In their place he had stacks 50-100 cards in each stack all sports and some non sports too, but not a lot of baseball. Sign there said 50 cents per card. I perused the stacks briefly. 23" Heritage, 23' Donruss, Bowman Inc (lots of dupes in those), and something else. He also had a stack of about 200 of those damn over sized Donruss Action All Stars that Greg jinxed me with. You see after N.O. posted on them not long ago I had to go get mine put into pages and a binder which I did do that. I forgot to mention that with all of the other stuff that was put into binders. I put my Donruss Diamond Kings in first mainly complete sets from 1985-1989. Missing a few cards in the 85' and 86' followed by the 83' Action All Stars , then 84', and a completed set of 85' In the binder they went. I only had a couple of 83's in those stacks, I am sure I have the complete set in my dupes boxes somewhere, but anyways only two in the binder, and the 84' was missing  5 or 6. Daryl had the 83's and 84's piled high. I grabbed them all and  one of the stacks of non sports, and some TENNIS cards, ladies in fact. Searched the Bowman Inc found 9 different and I said how much. He told me $30.00 and I took them no negotiating. As I was paying for them he flipped an old postcard at me. Thinking back now, I realize that he was giving it to me. The back said $30.00, I said you can let me have this for $10.00 he said sure, and take all of the baseball cards down at the end too. I did. I get it now. 

The point, the show started out with FREE cards and continued the whole show through. You see tomorrow after the Daryl cards are done tonight. No I am not posting the over sized Donruss. Just the other stuff.

1948 Braves team postcard.....unused!

Tennis anyone?

My brother had a HUGE crush on Chris Everett when he was a much younger fella. 

Definitely some pretty ladies on these cards.

When I seen the Tennis cards I immediately flipped through them to eliminate the guys and I knew exactly where I was sending them. One of my trading partners over at OCT Tim lives in Orange , CA and he has 3 or 4 nieces all into sports and he coaches their teams. He likes giving the girls trading cards with women athletes on them hoping to inspire some of them. 

Now let us peer upon some non sport cards.


Shiny too. Not sure why I have been grabbing up this kind of stuff lately, but I am slowly acquiring quite a bit. I also grabbed more at this show from Kyle's stuff.

I forgot to mention that my nephew (Kathy's son) is a Star Wars buff and he was there Tuesday at the BBQ. I finally took over that 1989 Topps Talk Time machine for him to look at. I should know something soon whether it can be repaired or not.

Now for one scan of regular baseball cards, just not regular baseball cards.

Bowman Inception. Those last two are obviously parallels of some sort. I didn't scan the Donruss or the Heritage and something else I got because you will see plenty of that stuff in the coming days.

The winner last night was: Jeremy


  1. 1948 Braves - nice! Pennant winning year.

    I'll definitely enjoy seeing Wacky Wednesdays return!

  2. Jas a crush on Chris Evert when I saw a poster of her on the sporting goods store when I was a teenager...then she won Wimbledon, and she's still my All-Time favorite tennis player.

    Good Job! 👍

  3. Hard to believe you've been doing this for almost a year already!

  4. At the last card show I went to, I found myself digging for Star Wars gaming cards, Disney gaming cards and also some tennis - I'm a baseball guy and I do not know what is coming over me.

    Thanks for the new batch of cards from your daily prize contest - got into it late in the game, but was able to win a couple of times, so it was nice for you to start and continue through this point.

  5. Those Star Wars cards with original trilogy characters are nice.
    Chris Evert and Tracy Austin too.

  6. Wow, that postcard is beautiful. And mint for being so old.

  7. I collected the original Star Wars cards when I was a kid, but they didn't survive my childhood. I just can't get back into collecting something like that anymore.

  8. I didn't realize there were that many Star Wars characters. Will be watching for the Heritage and other great cards as well. Have a nice weekend. Off to the races!

  9. Looks like your game had a positive outcome (as did the Jays game)! Have a great weekend

  10. I get to hit a show tomorrow too! Hope mine is as good as yours usually are.

  11. Awesome Star Wars and tennis cards! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. I totally miss your Shadow Shots and Wacky Wednesday posts! And kudos to you for hooking up so many collections the past 12 months. I'm still sifting through your last box... and three PWE's :D