Thursday, May 25, 2023

Tampa card show April 2023 and The Villages card show too!

 The winner last night was: John Sharp.

Okay not a whole lot from the Tampa show again. I made 3 deals. One was a lot of FUN! Tried to make another deal, but the guy was just well I think he needs to retire, lol.

Okay the above was from two different dealers, but basically the same outcome. Fifty centers on average. Not a great deal for a lot of them, but some were a good deal. 

Now for the FUN deal.

Look at all of that unopened wax ready to be ripped. I forget now but pretty sure there were well over 40 packs. Mainly 2022 Bowman Chrome followed by 2021 Bowman. $20.00 and I got to keep the basket. I went over to my brother's house and we sat there and ripped them all, had a blast. I let him keep all of the cards except for the Chronicles and 3 Holiday SP variations. Great fun.

Now moving on to The Villages quarterly card show.

Again 3 deals. This first one was a set killer and a super deal.

The Vlad rookie was the key get here. Dealer was asking $20.00, but you know me, lol.

I got him to throw the Heyward auto rookie in for a grand total of...

$15.00 for both cards. As you can see I broke Vlad out of prison.

Deal 2 was $45.00 for the next 6 scans.

Not an overwhelming deal, but this is "kid" I've been buying from at pretty all of the shows. He sucks at buying baseball, he doesn't follow the cards very well. FB, and BSKT different story. I'm going to have to teach him how to buy bulk. So that I can get penny from cards :).

Last deal is 8 scans and the cards cost me twenty cents each.

A lot of hit and miss here too.  Great news is that I am now on cards that I got THIS MONTH! 


  1. More cool catchers cards, always a good thing.

    Thanks for this daily thread always a fun read

    I'm still battling Bronchitis, and it's still not fun.

    Have a good evening.

  2. I'm just impressed at the sheer variety on display here. Congrats on clearing the backlog with a week to spare!

  3. Hank Aaron making the jump throw from the shortstop hole! Imagine if he had stayed a SS . . .

  4. The Heart in the City cards [Hader] were pretty nice inserts.

  5. Going through the packs must have been fun - pull anything notable?

  6. You get more cards in a month than I get in a year ... I need that Mookie comic.

  7. All those packs for $20 is a steal of a deal. The entertainment value of ripping packs is worth it alone.

    P.S. That Piazza relic is cool. I know he has a lot of relic cards floating around, but I'm guessing not a lot of A's relics.

  8. I think all the deals had some good finds.
    1st one: Photographers Proofs, those are pretty rare and the Chrome Reftractor Strasburg Pro Debut still has to be a moderately priced card.
    2nd one would’ve been worth it just to get my hands on some Bowman that the flippers have been hoarding for the past 3 years.
    From the Villages,
    1st one: either card would’ve been a steal at 15 bucks. A Vlad rookie at that price is rare, and a Heyward high end Bowman set rookie would be triple digits back in the day, and I don’t want to know what the autograph would go for his rookie year.
    2nd deal: The Abreu Bowman rookie was a nice find, and that Josiah Gray autograph might turn into a nice card. I kind of have a feeling he might turn into an ace.
    Last deal: Looks like a ton of inserts, and I think you probably did better than what they would sell for.

  9. Mike Piazza in an A's uniform? When did that happen?

  10. Some really nice looking Flair Showcase cards. Still haven't been to a card show. Looks like fun if you like crowds.

  11. Replies
    1. You most certainly did, that one I paid $10.00 for all by itself, but was part of the package deal. There were a few more cards that weren't 50 centers too.

  12. Love the 90s inserts!! And heart of the city is such an underrated great lookin insert!


  13. 20 bucks for all those packs is a no brainer. That basketball pack is out of place though haha

  14. Ok those look cool. You may convert me to inserts soon.

  15. Does your brother collect too, or are you just trying to convert him?

    1. He actually did, that is until he retired at the beginning of this year, and sold his collection to a dealer in Atlanta except for a few cards.