Friday, January 31, 2020

Villages card show

The January show didn't impress me much. I am pretty sure that I have NEVER spent less at a show, and I know I overpaid for most of the purchases (all but 1).

I picked up these two Kellogg's complete Corn Flakes sets ($5.00 each). I needed 2 from the 92' set, and all but 2 from the 91' set. But now they are DONE!

Same dealer had this micro Hostess card set complete. I have no idea how I've never seen them before. I paid $5.00 for that one too. They are all still sealed in their plastic wrappers.


Roughly .50 for these which was overpaying.

These were .50-75 cents but worth their costs. This dealer had 3 other cards I was considering real hard on getting, but ultimately decided NO Way would I pay what he asking. I'll have more to say about those 3 cards in a day or two.

I made 1 more purchase from the show: vintage cards and they will have their own post.


  1. Digging the Little Debbies President card.

    And this is the first I've ever heard of the Hostess mini set. Who knew?

  2. I liked that Big Show collector's choice set when I was a kid.

  3. I'd never heard of that Hostess set either. Very cool! That Home Run Legends card is fantastic too.

  4. I completed those two Kellogg's sets late last year picking up the last few singled I need. I like the micro Hostess set, that seems to be a good pick up to me. I have thought about going after all the old president cards like that McKinley but haven't pulled the trigger. I like your pickups

  5. Wow. I was going to congratulate you on the Kellogg's sets... but the 50¢ Beltre rookie card definitely stole the show. Nice find.

  6. Those Hostess micro cards are new to me as well. Pretty cool! It's funny that you featured the Barfield card, because I also just posted something about him.

  7. Like Bo, I love the Home Run Legends card, and I like the Marichal Cracker Jack book too! Does the Villages have monthly card shows?