Thursday, January 2, 2020

R.I.P Don Larsen.

Rest in peace old timer. Yesterday lost a PC guy of mine. I don't have a lot of cards of his. Especially playing day cards in the PC. In fact, not a one in the PC, set builds yes, PC zippo.

This is what I have:

1979 tcma baseball history series 272
1987 hygrade baseballs all time greatest green red back nno
1988 pacific  baseball legens 42
1993 action packed red 144
1994 ud american epic 64
1998 fleer million $ moments 23 of 50
2000 greats of the game 96
2001 archives reserve 42 of 100
2001 ud legends of new york 160
2002 fleer fall classic series of champions 8 of 19
2002 ud world series heroes 76
2003 heritage flash backs f 10
2003 topps all time fan favorites 104
2004 bowman heritage 67
2004 topps all time fan favorites 150
2004 topps world series highlights ws dl
2004 ud yankees classics 16
2007 ud masterpieces 7
2008 donruss threads 34
2017 diamond kings throwing 8
2017 diamond kings framed brown holding ball 8
2018 diamond kings holding ball 24
2019 archives 64

I probably have a bunch tucked into those 800 count boxes that are scattered all over my bedroom back home marked for future PC guys. 

Don goes down in baseball history as the only pitcher to throw a perfect World Series game.
His playing days were dome just a year after I was born. But for some reason his name has been embedded in my head which is why I finally put some cards in the PC. I know I've been putting the in the future PC boxes so I just got to get to those boxes and go through them.

Later days.


  1. Sad day in baseball. Rest in peace Mr. Larsen.

  2. I started collecting him last year as well. I'm only collecting stuff from his playing days though, so far I'm up to a whopping three cards!