Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Wacky Wednesday

Before we start, Happy birthday Elvis (where ever you are, lol).

and a couple of vintage......

Okay, now to the main post. Last week we looked at "The Lost Wackys" series 3. There is an alternate set with very slight differences (ie: a die on #3 instead of #5). I do have that set now, but we are going to show "The Lost Wackys" series 2 tonight as I was unable to score a set of series 1.

Here is the checklist of what is coming.

The 2 wrappers.

The 2 Bonus stickers.

The puzzle.

Now for the 33.

Oh look a baseball reference.

That was series 2. next week I will do series 4 which is the last of the "The Lost Wackys", and after that run is done we will have (the lost) Variations sets. There are 9 sets plus a bonus set of the Variations.


  1. The Farting Lineup card is awesome! And those gum stickers are definitely interesting.

  2. "Snafu," that's pretty good.

    Like I said before, some of these are a little too "modern" for my taste in Wackys. But I do like stuff like "Chia Punk".

  3. I wonder if Conun the Librarian was a rip-off of the "Conan the Librarian" bit from Weird Al's movie "UHF"...

  4. Cool I didn't know there was a series of "Lost Wackys".

    1. They are "underground" Wackys produced by a couple of the elite Wacky package Collectors. apparently they have there own little group. Anyways, it is said that Topps knew about the first 2 series and were okay even used original Topps artwork. Then greed set in for those producing the sets (printing from home). Making Ludlows, and 2 more series really pissing off those involved in the first two. Anyways, there are a ton more to show so stay tuned.

  5. Conun, TV Died? These are hilarious!