Monday, January 6, 2020

Break Down

No, I am not having a mental break down. (of course that is objective). I went to the Jacksonville card show this past Saturday. It had been 8 months, and sure enough the a**hole was there. I avoided him, and made sure to get the few dealers I needed phone numbers for so that I could meet up with them without having to go back to this show. The hosting dealer took notice, and man o man did he avoid me like the plague. Apparently several dealers bitched him out for not banning the guy. But, that is another story.

I bought cards from six different vendors. My two favorites and four new guys two of which I bought because I felt bad for them. I'll explain that when I post their cards. I am going to have a few weeks worth of posts from this show. I contemplated having a theme for all 6 vendors "DEAL OR NO DEAL".  I believe it is fitting title for all six purchases.

Tonight I will begin with my favorite dealer, Fred. I spent $80.00 on items with him.

This is a "short" Carvel comic book from 1976. Short in actual size and in pages.

Mickey Mantle. Yee Haw! Right off the bat Fred told me those are $10.00 each. I usually just go through his stuff regardless of value, get what I want and let him tell me a price which is always very agreeable at the end.

The back covers are different.

This scan is just to show the size compared to standard size card.  $20.00 down.

The remaining $60.00 I spent with Fred was done how we usually do things. Fred normally has a bunch of cheap boxes and 1 glass case for the higher value cards. I grabbed up a stack of 60 or so cards from the glass case. And then hit up the only other box he had. It was mainly relic/auto/serial numbered cards box.

I pulled about 25 cards from here. There is that Sanchez card that Fuji needs. Those are the only relics I grabbed. The rest were PC guys so I won't bore you with all of them just some highlights.

yes, that a Sheffield auto and a pair of the Christmas cards!

I will show one of the guys I grabbed because he doesn't show up here on my blog often.

Yes, I'm a Tebow fan, always have been. I have no idea why some of his baseball cards carry such a high premium. Maybe it is just in Florida I don't know. Some of his cards go for some major cabbage. The 2017 Topps Pro Debut, just 1 on ComC it's on sale for a cool $175.50.

Typically a lot of the baseball cards from the glass case (player stacks) are $3.00 and up cards. Fred generally charges me a buck a piece. All in all I got the 2 comics, and 85 cards all for $80.00....

Deal or NO deal?


  1. I see TWO Christmas scarf Buehlers. That gets my hopes up, but then I know about your many collections.

    1. No, just the 1. I blew it up for closer look. We can work a trade out. You pulled a couple from your boxes, what did you get?

    2. Ah, OK. ... I have a glitter (or whatever you call it) Acuna. ... Variations aren't too exciting: Machado, Altuve, Kieboom, Arenado, Hoskins.

    3. The metallic sparkly Acuna works for me.

    4. Great. I'll throw in a few others per usual.

  2. Rumble Ponies are a cool minor league team name. I know you mentioned those comic books were short, but had no idea they would be that short. As for the Sanchez relic... I think the only Brave I saw was a Freeman. Can you use it? If not, I can shoot you a list of my extra relics when I have some free time.

  3. Those vintage Carvel cards are great, for the fronts and the backs. Fudgie the Whale sighting? Never seen a vanilla one . . .