Friday, January 10, 2020

Round 3: The Jax trip

Yesterday I posted about one of the guys I felt bad for. Tonight I'll post the other guy. he was the last guy I bought from (I think). He was a dealer but didn't really have much besides 4 quarter boxes on his table. 3 were football and 1 baseball. I did see one guy sitting there for a long time going through the football cards with his checklists at hand. I hit up his baseball card box. He had a couple of hundred cards in a tiny box close by him, that he kept saying I got better stuff here (they were $3.00). Nothing really in that box for me.

Quarter hot box, yeah that is more my speed, especially when they are PC guys.

Ginter greats at .25, yeah I can do that too. Again all  PC guys.

I didn't really need any of these, but I felt bad for this guy. The show was ending and he obviously didn't make his table costs back.

I just showed that Classic Ryan back in October. Turns out that I needed the Carew Kellogg's for that set. Pretty sure I just need one more card to complete.

Again, just trying to help. Although I do like those Bazooka color gums.

Found a couple of Braves needs too.

That wraps up this dealer. I spent $14.00. It's not much was just trying to help the guy out. I did get some good cards too, and several Braves I needed...    Deal or NO Deal???????


  1. Hmmm. I would say...ok deal but not better than yesterday.

  2. I'm trying to avoid base cards and cheap inserts... but a lot of this stuff was for your player PC's, so I get why you picked them up. I probably would have targeted the Kopech rookie and the two Kellogg's and called it a day.

    1. I probably had most of the PC guy cards (80%ish), but I just felt bad the guy.

  3. you're a softie. I like that. I've done that too. Overall, it was an OK deal. Some quality names in there for .25.

  4. As a Bo Jackson collector, I've been wanting that Nolan Ryan Classic card for a while now. Nice gets!